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Best Routines of So You Think You Can Dance Season 9: Ranking 20-11

Tomorrow night is the 9th season finale of So You Think You Can Dance. It hasn’t been it’s strongest season, but it’s still great to see such great choreography week after week. I’m going to spend the next two days counting down the Top 20 routines of the seasons. I capped all of the pictures off of YouTube videos. It was really hard because there’s so much movement that some came out blurry. I tried to pick my favorite moments of each dance for each picture. Let’s start!

20. Audrey & Matthew – Top 20 (Week 2) – “Hear Me Now” – Sonya Tayeh, Jazz
Audrey & Matthew were really something those first two weeks. They fizzled out towards the end, but the started off strong with routines from Travis Wall (look forward to that in a few clicks) and Sonya Tayeh. It was a straight up Jazz piece and they executed it perfectly.

19. Tiffany & Brandon – Top 20 – “You Make Me Feel…” – Doriana Sanchez, Disco
Tiffany was a complete mystery on the show up until this number. She made the Top 10 without ever being in the bottom and in danger of elimination, but she never had a memorable piece or moment that justified her making it that far. But this was a huge turning point for her. She got to show some more personality and show why she made it as far as she did. Doriana Sanchez always does very fun/energetic routines and this was no exception.

18. Chehon, Daniel & Eliana – Meet the Top 20 – “Romantic Inclinations” – Dwight Rhoden & Desmond Richardson, Ballet
Contemporary dancers usually dominate the Top 20, and sometimes make it a little boring to watch. But this year the show had 3 ballet dancers and they were able to show off their incredible skills in the ‘Meet the Top 20’ show. It was a great routine and it was nice to see a large number of ballet dancers make their mark on the show. Two of them, Eliana & Chehon, even made it to the finale.

17. Audrey & Matthew – Top 20 (Week 1) – “Unchained Melody” – Travis Wall, Contemporary
I honestly thought these two were going to win the competition after this routine. Audrey just managed to crack the Top 10 before getting eliminated, and Matthew didn’t even make it the Top 10. But they really had a lot of potential and at least had an extremely memorable Travis Wall routine to remember their time on the show. Audrey’s flying leap from the couch into Matthew’s arms was absolutely breathtaking.

16. Tiffany & Benji – Top 6 – “What I Like About You” – Jean-Marc Genereux, Jive
Benji was never one of my favorite contestants. He was a little too cheesy to really take him seriously, but he was an asset here and really made Tiffany come alive in the personality department. It was a fun routine. And despite Tiffany not having a ballroom speciality, she could have fooled anyone because she kept up with Benji like she had been doing it for years.

15. Chehon & Anya – Top 8 – “Breaking Below Surface” – Leonardo Barrionuevo & Miriam Larici, Argentine Tango
-As I said about the previous dance, ballroom routines are never my favorite. But Chehon really made a mark with his Argentine Tango with Anya (the best female ballroom dancer ever on the show). The Argentine Tango is one of the hardest ballroom techniques to do, and he made it look effortless.

14. Amber & Brandon – Top 16 – “Dr. Feelgood” – Ray Leeper, Jazz
Both of the dancers were eliminated the night they performed this dance, which was unfortunate because it was just the tip of the iceberg of what they were capable of in this competition. It was a hot and sexy routine and their chemistry was palpable.

13. Will & Lauren – Top 8 – “Dance My Pain Away” – Christopher Scott, Hip Hop
Will had the biggest personality this season, sometimes overshadowing his dancing ability. He had to tone it down for this routine and it really showed off his technique. Even though there was no direct interaction between him and Lauren (All-Star from Season 3), there was a still chemistry between them and that made this number work as well as it did.

12. Chehon & Allison – Top 4 – “Leave” – Stacey Tookey, Contemporary
Allison is considered the best female dancer to ever be on the show (although Nigel changed that answer to Eliana on last week’s finale), and she really brought Chehon to a whole new level. They both brought a high level of emotion to the piece and made it unforgettable.

11. Brandon & Janaya – Top 20 (Week 2) – “Bring on the Men” – Sean Cheesman, Broadway
Janaya was eliminated after this and Brandon the week after…at least they got to do this routine. Sean Cheesman is mostly known for his Jazz/African Jazz routines, but he stepped out of his comfort zone with a well choreographed Broadway number that showed off these two dancers. Had this routine been the week before, Janaya would not have been sent home so early. Also props for using a Linda Eder song.

—-Come back tomorrow for the Top 10  dances of the season, according to me.—-