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Best Routines of So You Think You Can Dance Season 9: Ranking 10-1

Tonight is the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance. The male and female champions will be crowned and there will be a bunch of encore of the best dances of the season. Here’s my Top 10 favorite routines of the season. Look back through the blog for 20-11. And once again I apologize for the blurriness of some of the screencaps. It was a little difficult to cap with all of the movement.

10. Cyrus & Comfort – Top 6 – “Cinema (Skrillex Remix)” – Christopher Scott, Dubstep
Despite the judges constantly praising Cyrus and his ability to learn the choreography, he never had a routine that really stood out for me until this one. He was in his wheelhouse with a Dubstep routine. And even though I don’t completely get the whole Dubstep music phenomenon, this was an exciting/enegetic piece. The ladder hand movements in the middle were fantastic.

9. Amelia & Will – Top 20 (Week 1) – “The Lovecats” – Napoleon & Tabatha, Hip Hop
Amelia & Will proved to be early favorites, but Amelia ended up not being able to keep up week-to-week and went home before even making the Top 10. This was a fun routine from NappyTabs. And even though it was labeled as a Hip Hop routine, it was more of a Broadway/Jazz routine. Either way, it was a fun routine that really showed off both of the dancers’ personalities and skills.

8. Eliana & Tiffany – Top 4 – “When You’re Good to Mama” – Ray Leeper, Broadway
This routine will probably go down as the ‘Pole Dancer Number’. That was the main prop in this piece and Eliana worked it. It was a fun routine and both of the ladies gave it their all. One of the best moments came after the routine when guest judge Rob Marshall (who directed the film adaptation of Chicago) said, “I kept imagining Queen Latifah trying to do that number.” She wouldn’t have been able to climb the pole and do the tricks that Eliana accomplished, that’s for damn sure.

7. Cole & Allison – Top 8 – “Possibly Maybe” – Sonya Tayeh, Contemporary
Cole didn’t seem like he was going to be much of a threat at the beginning. His specialty was labeled as Martial Arts Fusion, which seemed too bizarre to take seriously. But week after week he proved himself, and especially in this piece he proved to be one of my all time favorites on the show. He absolutely matched Allison Holker move for move in this piece and created something beautiful. He’ll be making a few more appearances before the list is over.

6. Chehon & Eliana – Top 4 – “The Nutcracker Suite: Pas De Deux” – Marat Daukayev, Classical Ballet
As I said about the Ballet group routine from the first performance show, it was nice to see some different specialities in the Top 20 this year. And to have two Ballet dancers make the finals was pretty special. This routine firmly cemented Chehon & Eliana as the two that deserve to win this competition. In this routine: Chehon’s strength and Eliana’s gracefulness was a pleasure to witness. Hopefully they both take home the title tonight.

5. Lindsay & Jakob – Top 10 – “Dancin’ Dan” – Spencer Liff, Broadway
Spencer Liff always does fun Broadway routines and he recieved an Emmy nomination for his work from last season (and from my P.O.V. he should have won that Emmy for “Please Mr. Jailer”.) High concept pieces don’t always work, but this was executed perfectly by Lindsay & Jakob. We finally got to see some more personality and technique from Lindsay because of this work. And it was nice to see Jakob return. I don’t think he’s been back on the show as an all-star since his original season.

4. Top 6 Group Routine – “Scream” – Sonya Tayeh, Jazz
One of the downsides of this season was the elimination of the results show, which is actually crucial for this competition. That meant less group routines. And the group routines that we got at the beginning of the episodes weren’t very memorable. Except for this one. Sonya does spectacular group routines and this was no exception. Well choreographed and danced.

3. Cole & Melanie – Top 6- “Too Close” – Sonya Tayeh, Jazz
This was the first time I heard Alex Clare’s “Too Close”, which is currently a hit on the radios. And it’s become one of my current favorite songs because of this routine. Cole & Sonya produced some great pieces together this season (and hopefully Sonya gets a long overdue Emmy nomination). And Melanie really proved why she deserved to win last season. I wish Cole & Melanie would have danced together more because they had great chemistry together.

2. Cole & Eliana – Top 6 – “Adagio for Strings” – Mia Michaels, Contemporary
Mia Michaels routine to the choreographing for the duos. She did two group routines this season, but this was her only piece for a couple. And it really showed why she’s such a great choreographer and has won multiple Emmys for the show. An emotional contemporary routine that was inspired by battling rams. And she couldn’t have gotten two better dancers to execute it. Cole & Eliana are my personal favorites of the season. To see them come together for a new Mia Michaels piece was more than I could ask for from this show.

1. Eliana & Alex – Top 10 – “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” – Stacey Tookey, Contemporary
This was moving art. An absolute masterpiece. It was nice to see Alex return to the show again and he couldn’t have asked for a better routine or a better partner than Eliana. It really put Eliana on the map. It made her more of a fan favorite and got her out of Cyrus’ shadow. Stacey Tookey has been nominated for 3 Emmys in a row. I think this routine will finally get her the Emmy next year.