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The X Factor: 2.06 – “Greensboro & San Francisco Auditions”

It’s the final night of auditions for The X Factor. The show picks up with the stupid cliffhanger it left off on from Wednesday night. 13 year-old Trevor Moran was preparing to audition when he fainted. Paramedics were called and the show ended with a ‘to be continued…’. Of course Trevor ended up being fine. One of the EMTs said that he was dehydrated and gave him water and Gatorade and let him rest of a little bit. Trevor finally got up to audition and sang LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It”. He showed his personality and awkward dance movements. It was fun but I didn’t take it seriously for a second. I don’t think he’s going to go anywhere and wouldn’t have gotten anywhere had it not been for the fainting spell.

The show switches to more Greensboro auditions. Owen Stuart is a 16 year-old that recently moved in South Carolina from Buffalo, New York, leaving his girlfriend Tori behind. He wants to win The X Factor so he can follow his dream and move back to New York to be with Tori. He sings “Airplanes” and does a pretty fantastic job. He raps the verses and sings the chorus, which a lot of people can’t do, and he did both effortlessly. L.A. Reid said the exact same thing and the judges agreed. He’s on to the next round.

Freddie Combs is up next. He’s a 40 year-old man who has an obesity problem and is confined to a wheelchair. Seven crew members from the show had to help wheel him up the ramp to get on the stage. In 2009, Freddie weighed 920 lbs. and almost died. Now he’s down to 540 lbs. and is doing better everyday. He sings “Wind Beneath My Wings” and dedicates to his wife Kay. The performance is a little corny, especially the song choice, but he has a decent voice and his story is inspiring. The judges are kind and sensitive to his situation and praise his voice. Simon makes some kind of deal with him that Freddie needs to keep taking care of himself and that he would like to see him stand. I wasn’t quite sure if this was a contract-binding deal, but maybe it will be a little bit of catalyst to Freddie to lose the rest of the weight.

The show randomly switches back to San Francisco for some bad auditions. The Koefed Sisters and Nick Moriarty are two that receive some harsh comments along with some other random. Simon has one of the funniest comments to the sisters by saying, “I sat on 2 cats a few years ago, and it sounded exactly like that.” Bobby House is also shown. He gets a bad comment and goes off backstage: slamming things and spitting on the camera before getting escorted out of the building by security. Demi & L.A. are shown backstage taking about seeing some bad acts. They are in their Greensboro clothes in that moment though, so they weren’t exactly referring to the auditions that they audience just saw.

We return to Greensboro with 16 year-old Lauren Jauregui. She does Alicia Key’s “If I Ain’t Got You” and does a great job. One of the best auditions from the entire process. She has a very mature voice and really brought the emotion needed to pull that song off properly. She’s got a great look and a very unique face. I could see her going far if the judges utilize her strengths as a vocalist and don’t try to make her into something that she’s not. The judges send her to the Boot Camp round.

The show switches back to San Francisco (what was going on with the editing?) for the final audition with 12 year-old Jordyn Foley. Jordyn is wearing a hot pink tank top, silver vest, black tutu, sparkly sneakers and pig tails. She could potentially be very annoying. She goes out on stage and gets criticized by Simon for her song choice, Annie‘s “Tomorrow”, before she even starts singing. Jordyn doesn’t let it bother her and owns the stage. Her vocals are pretty ordinary, but she had a positive attitude and was very interesting to watch. Much like the first audition of the episode, it was a good audition but I don’t expect her to last very long in the competition against much stronger singers.

The episode ends with a montage of the best and worst moments of the auditions episodes. The judges give a recap of their experiences so far and a brief preview is shown for the Boot Camp rounds next week. I’m glad the auditions are over and we can get down to the nitty-gritty of the competition.