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The X Factor: 2.11 – “Judges’ Houses, Part 3 (10 of Top 16 Revealed)”

This was a little bit of a mess. Originally this episode was supposed to air from 8-10 P.M. on FOX for the East Coast. But a delayed World Series playoff game from the afternoon made this start at 8:42. Then a little over an hour into the broadcast, FOX switched over to a repeat of The Mindy Project before cutting that off and airing the rest of the baseball game. So we only got to see who made it from the Teens and Over 25s group. Plus two the Young Adults. The rest of the episode will air on Tuesday night.

We’re back at Britney’s house. She’s made her decisions and the four teens moving on to the live shows are…

Diamond White & Carly Rose Sonenclar

Arin Ray & Beatrice Miller

-I think Britney made the best decision for her category. Based on the performances from the previous episode, these 4 were clearly the strongest and Britney has a good chance of winning this competition with these contestants. The two eliminated contestants, James Tanner & Reed Deming, took their eliminations in stride. James was obviously upset and started crying. Reed’s reaction after wasn’t shown but he was probably just as crushed.

OVER 25’s:
L.A.’s segment was pretty brief. He didn’t have the long (probably scripted) conversations with the contestants. He got down to business and announced his 4 choices…

David Correy & Jason Brock

Tate Stevens & Vino Alan

-L.A. has the weakest group out of all the mentors. All 4 of the choices being men is a clear indicator that this group wasn’t very diverse. I think he made the right decisions. David was the clearest choice. He’s one of my favorites going into the live shows. Vino had one of my favorite auditions but he has been losing steam every time he appears. He seems like he’s going to have a breakdown at any second. Tate & Jason, I can take or leave them. The two eliminated contestants, Daryl Black & Tara Simon, deserved their tickets home. Daryl wasn’t memorable and Tara was just there to add some drama with her annoying personality.

Only two of the contestants from this age group were announced before FOX cut back to the baseball programming. Demi’s first two selections were…

Jennel Garcia & Willie Jones

-Jennel has been one of my favorites throughout this entire competition. She blew me away with her audition. She’s been a little weak in some moments, but she has an interesting voice and her personality is more distinct than most people on the show. Willie Jones was a bad decision. As Demi pointed out in her sit down with him, he’s stuck between R&B and Country and he’s not good in either genre. There are four people still left with their fate in limbo: CeCe Frey, Jillian Jensen, Paige Thomas & Nick Youngerman. At this point, I think Jillian will make it through and Nick will be sent home. It will be between CeCe & Paige for the final slot (another showdown between them, what a fucking surprise).

I’ll be back Tuesday to recap the rest of the episode. The other 2 Young Adults and all 4 of the Teams will be announced. Then we will have the official Top 16 going into the live shows. I’ll be back later in the week to review something else. And this weekend I’m planning on doing a countdown of the best Beyonce songs (in celebration of the announcement of her Superbowl halftime show).