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The X Factor: 2.12 – “Judges’ Houses, Part 3 (Rest of the Top 16 Revealed)

Last week FOX made a debacle out of the airing of the Top 16 reveal. They revealed 10 of the acts then cut away to a baseball game. They were supposed to air the full two hours tonight, but that would’ve delayed the new comedies and most people had already seen the first two groups revealed. So the show was edited down to one-hour. They quickly recapped the Teens & Over 25s selections. Now they showed the whole reveal for the Young Adults and Groups. (Although if you looked online, you could find spoilers. More of it aired in Canada and it leaked on the internet who went through). Let’s see what happened.


Demi made her selections and the four people making it through are…

Jennel Garcia & Willie Jones

Paige Thomas & CeCe Frey

-Jennel has been one of my favorites throughout this entire competition. She blew me away with her audition. She’s been a little weak in some moments, but she has an interesting voice and her personality is more distinct than most people on the show. Willie Jones was a bad decision. As Demi pointed out in her sit down with him, he’s stuck between R&B and Country and he’s not good in either genre. I’m completely tired of Paige & CeCe. I absolutely loathe both of them at this point. I would’ve been much happier with Jillian & Nick making it to the live shows. Jillian has an incredible and Nick gave the most entertaining performance at any of the judges’ houses. They would’ve been much more entertaining and thrilling to watch. They were underdogs and the audience could’ve got behind them and propelled them to greatness. Demi (and the producers) made a huge mistake. I’m less invested in the show now.


We’re back in Miami at a gorgeous mansion on the beach. Simon narrowed down the selections to the 4 groups going to the live shows. Here’s what he picked…

Lyric 145 & Emblem3

Sister C & Lylas

-Overall, the Groups category was much stronger than I had anticipated. Last season it was by far the weakest of the categories. This year it’s one of the stronger ones and I think Simon picked his selections perfectly. Lyric 145 is the strongest of the groups. The female lead is completely awesome and does some fantastic things with her rapping skills. The two guys compliment her well. I hate Emblem3, but they make interesting villains and I’m hoping to see them fail on the live shows (I’m mean, I know). Sister C is also annoying. But one of the vocalists was really impressive. I think with the right amount of coaching from Simon, they can be one to watch for in the competition. The Lylas (I think it’s supposed to be all capitalized, but I refuse to do that) also made it through. They had an impressive performance and could do well. At least want them to make it past Emblem 3. It was no surprise that Dope Crisis was eliminated. They were barely featured in the Boot Camp rounds and their Judges’ House performance was briefly shown. They were doomed from the start. Playback was also a little bit of a surprise. I thought they had some good moments, mostly courtesy of Owen Stuart & Johnny Maxwell, but I can see why they didn’t go further. I hope Owen & Johnny come back next year as soloists because they are charismatic and impressive.

OVERALL: The show will be off for two weeks because of the World Series coverage (let’s go Tigers!). It’ll be back on Thursday November 1. I’m guessing that they will do the same as last year. They will all perform and the judges will eliminate one from their own groups and make a Top 12. Not sure what that entails but it’ll be the first live show with new hosts Mario Lopez & Khloe Kardashian. That should be enough to watch to see how those two work together. They’ve got to be better than Steve Jones. But that’s not a huge bar to reach.

Official Top 16 for The X Factor, Season 2:

Beatrice Miller
Arin Ray
Carly Rose Sonenclar
Diamond White

CeCe Frey
Jennel Garcia
Willie Jones
Paige Thomas

OVER 25s:
Vino Alan
Jason Brock
David Correy
Tate Stevens

Lyric 145
Sister C