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The X Factor: 2.14 – “Top 12 Chosen”

We’re back for another 2 hour episode this week. Not sure how they are going to fill 2 hours by eliminating only 4 people. But Khloe & Mario are on hand to guide us through the episode. They announce what’s going to happen tonight: the judges will save 2 contestants in their category. The other 2 remaining contestants in the category will have to ‘sing for their lives’ and the judge will make their third selection after that happens. Up first are Demi & the Young Adults category.

Just a warning before you start reading, I am very DVR friendly and I like to fast forward parts that bore me during results shows. So I might have missed a moment or some “watercooler moment” by skipping parts. That’s the price I pay. If I missed something big, let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to go back and look at it.


Demi makes her selections. The two contestants that she is going to save right off the bat….

Jennel Garcia & Paige Thomas

Which means that CeCe Frey & Willie Jones will have to sing for their survival. I absolutely agree with Jennel making through another round. She was clearly the strongest out of the 4 in her category and one of the strongest of the entire night. I’m not too thrilled with Paige but I prefer her over Cece & Willie. Good selections so far.

CeCe Frey – “Out Here on My Own”
I thought this was a solid performance. It was much better than last night’s performance. Her vocals were much stronger here and her vulnerability showed through. L.A., Britney & Simon all loved it. Simon said that it was a mistake not to have done something like this last night. He also added that her makeup last night made her look like a clown (harsh, but true). Demi doesn’t comment because it could give her decision away.

Willie Jones – “You Don’t Know Me”
I don’t get him at all. I’ll reiterate my point that Nick Younger or Jillian Jensen should have been chosen over him. He has an interesting personality and look but the country genre doesn’t fit him at all. The judges were lukewarm with their comments. L.A. didn’t seem particularly impressed but he pressed “Demi’s going to have a tough decision” to add more drama to the show.

Demi makes her decision. The final person making it into the Top 12 is…CeCe Frey.

It’s really awkward after Demi makes her decision. CeCe has no idea where to go and Demi has to explain to Willie why he wasn’t chosen. Then as Mario & Khloe throw to commercial, Demi & Willie stand there just awkwardly staring off. Demi also seemed very disingenuous with her comments of “I believe in you”. Blow it out your ass. (Truthfully, she did make the right decision. She’s just been annoying on the live shows.)

*OVER 25’S*

L.A. makes his decision. The two acts that are safe are…

Vino Alan & Tate Stevens

WTF is wrong with L.A. Reid? Vino & Tate were easily the weakest of his group yesterday. David was clearly the best. I have no idea why he wasn’t chosen over Vino & Tate. I get why Jason is there. His performance was widely panned and L.A. had to put him in the bottom for that. But at least he is more entertaining and has miles more personality than Vino & Tate combined.

David Correy – “Since U Been Gone”
The arrangement was a little weird. The song’s strength is in the upbeat tempo and the vocals powering it. The slowed down version really made the song feel like it last 5 minutes. There’s no denying that David’s voice is fantastic. He deserves to go through more than the rest of the acts in the Over 25s category combined. He’s one of my favorites and had one of the best performances last night and tonight. It’s a shame that he even had to do this portion of the competition.

Jason Brock – “One Moment in Time”
An interesting song choice. His vocals really got to shine and the cheesy song really lends itself well to competition shows like this. He also looked more cleaned up and polished in his look tonight. Not that it should matter, but it’s something that I noticed and I wished his performance last night mirrored this one. I think he could have an advantage over David, but I hope it doesn’t happen. Let’s see what L.A. does.

L.A. has made his choice and the final person going to the Top 12 is…Jason Brock.

L.A. made a huge mistake here. David was one of the stand outs of the entire competition. I have no idea what L.A. was thinking. Maybe he just wanted to make a surprising decision. At least one of the Over 25’s won’t be winning the competition. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had a situation like Paula with the Groups last year. I think all three of those guys will be knocked out of the competition within the first couple of weeks.


Britney’s choices are up next. The two people who are sent to safety are…

Beatrice Miller & Carly Rose Sonenclar

I’m not really surprised by these choices. Beatrice was one of the standouts last night. She deserves her spot. Carly Rose kind of faltered last night, but Simon has been promoting her in all of his talk show interviews. She seems like someone the show has wanted to spotlight. She has a decent voice too. Arin was one of my favorites but he didn’t do very well yesterday so I can see why he ended up in this position. Diamond White too.

Arin Ray – “I Look to You”
The second Whitney Houston song of the night. Arin’s vocals were much stronger tonight and he really connected with the song. He gave his all in this performance and it showed. I really think the show needs to have a younger male contestant. Just for demographic purposes and because it would be really boring to see three similar teenage girls competing against each other. The judges loved it too. Simon said it was leagues better than last night.

Diamond White – “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word”
Diamond also gave a strong performance. I didn’t like the song choice and I don’t think it fit her very well. But her vocals were probably the strongest I’ve ever seen them. The judges also loved it. Simon said that he changed in his mind in the final 20 seconds of the song and thinks Diamond should go through, but ultimately both of them should stay because they are so talented. What will Britney do?

Britney finally made a decision and the person making it to the Top 12 is…Arin Ray.

I agree with Britney’s decision. She really needed a male to compete in this category and give herself a shot at being the winning mentor of the season. It’s disappointing to see Diamond go because she’s more talented than most of the Young Adults and the entire Over 25 team, but one of them had to go. Britney’s team is pretty strong and it wouldn’t surprise me to see one or more of them in the finale.


Simon has been his choice and the first two groups safe and into the Top 12 are…

Emblem3 & Lyric 145

No surprise with Emblem3 making it further. The judges wet themselves over their mediocre performance last night so they were the safest bet out of all 16 acts. The other act was a toss-up. I really like Lyric 145 even though their performance last night was kind of a hot mess. But they are completely different from another act that has made it to the live shows so far. Simon needs them to keep his category more unique. That leaves the two girls group to battle it out for the final spot in the Top 12.

Sister C – “When I Look at You”
I have to admit, I kind of like the Miley Cyrus song. But they really country-fied this song and I didn’t enjoy it as much. I’m not sold on this group. I know Simon has really wanted to push a country girl group for a while and I don’t think this is what he’s looking for. A group needs at least one star and I don’t think any of three sisters is a star and has a unique enough voice to do well in the competition let alone do well in the tough music industry. The judges really liked it and Demi said she would be greatly disappointed if Simon eliminated them tonight.

1432 – “Skyscraper”
I think they were really kissing Demi’s ass by picking this song, which is Demi’s signature song. I think there are some really talented people in this group. Lauren was front and center for this song and it really worked in their favor. I’m not sure they work as a complete package yet. I don’t think they have the chemistry and experience with each other to know who has the biggest strength in a certain area and playing towards that. That being said, I would much rather see them move on in the competition. They could be interesting and have much more potential than Sister C. Much, much more. Hopefully Simon makes the right call.

Simon makes his decision and the final group into the Top 12 is…1432.

Simon made the right call, especially after the last chance performances tonight. There was an awkward moment between Simon & Mario though. Simon wanted to deliver more positive news by saying the name of the act he was sending through, but Mario was adamant that he had to say the name of the eliminated act instead. WTF? Why would it matter? Honestly, I know I love conspiracy theories, but I think this was something cooked up by the producers to make Mario look more competent and in control of the show. Khloe had a few good moments yesterday and I don’t think the producers wanted him to be outshined by her. Simon also made an announcement that he hates the name of the group 1432 and he’s going to be taking suggestions from the FOX website and will decide on a new group name by next week.

That’s it for this week’s X Factor. Next week will be the Top 12 performances and America will be deciding the bottom two each week for the judges to vote on (I assume, the rules have been changed slightly this year and they could change it up again).


To recap, here are the Top 12 acts moving on to next week.

Cece Frey
Jennel Garcia
Paige Thomas

OVER 25’S:
Vino Alan
Jason Brock
Tate Stevens

Beatrice Miller
Arin Ray
Carly Rose Sonenclar

Lyric 145
1432 (new name TBA)