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Saturday Night Live: 38.06 – “Louis C.K./fun.”

The show was off last week but it returns with a highly anticipated combination of Louis C.K. and fun. C.K. is the top comedian working right now and fun. is one of my favorite bands currently. Before the show started Louis C.K. sent out an email to all of his fans and friends saying that he’ll be thinking of NYC while doing the show. It’s pretty profound. Here’s the link from Entertainment Weekly.  Hopefully my expectations won’t be too high and I’ll be let down. Let’s see….

Cold Open: Hurricane Sandy Press Conference:
This was pretty fantastic. The sketch opened with Fred Armisen as Michael Bloomberg and Cecily Strong as the sign language interpreter that everyone loved from all of the press conferences. She obviously wasn’t doing proper sign language and was making it up as she went along while being extremely animated. My favorite portion was the firefighters, police officers and paramedics part. Then Bobby Moynihan came out as Governor Chris Christie and Nasim Pedrad was his Jersey sign language interpreter. She looked like one of the Real Housewives. It was pretty funny. Then it ended with Bloomberg attempting to do Spanish. I thought this was a solid opening. It was timely and relevant without being too insincere. It’s the most I’ve liked Strong so far too.

Louis C.K. basically just did some stand-up comedy and it was great. He talked about being stuck at the airport because of the hurricane and having to help up an elderly lady who fell. My favorite part: talking about the second after she falls and everyone looks around to see who is going to help. “It’s like playing decency roulette.” This really showed why Louis C.K. is the best comedian working today. He owned the stage and was incredibly sharp with his material. Can we have Louis stand-up every week on the show?

FOX & Friends:
I hate Fox & Friends, so I was really looking forward to this. Taran Killam was Steve Doocey, Vanessa Bayer as Gretchen Carlson and Bobby Moynihan as Brian Kilmeade. I really love Moynihan’s impression of Kilmeade. He basically plays him as a huge naive idiot and it’s pretty close to the actual guy. The sketch also had Jason Sudeikis as Donald Trump as one of the guests. I prefer Darrell Hammond’s impression and Sudeikis fell flat compared to him. Louis C.K. appeared as a deputy from FEMA. He did this weird high-pitched/New Yorker voice. His character really didn’t work at all. The sketch ended with all the corrections that needed to be made from the first hour of the show (long ass credits). It was an okay sketch. The main people were great as usual but I was disappointed that Louis didn’t get more to do here.

Short: Lincoln:
The short starts with Louis C.K. as Abraham Lincoln and Kenan Thompson as an emancipated slave. Basically Lincoln sits down next to him at the bar and expects to be thanked by the slave for freeing him. But Thompson stands up and says, “Thanks for freeing us! I now shovel horse shit in a barn.” Then it cuts to the opening credits of a show that looks exactly like the opening for Louis C.K.’s show on FX but it’s now called Lincoln and even the song is changed. It’s an exact copy of the opening of Louis’ show but with him dressed as Abraham Lincoln. The show is even edited and written by Lincoln. Then it cuts to Lincoln doing stand-up comedy in the Comedy Cellar. Another scene: Lincoln at home with Mary (played by Aidy Bryant). Mary is riding Lincoln about whether or not he has the tickets for the play they are going to see. There’s more stand-up too. “I’m married now. My wife is crazy. She is historically insane.” The whole short was pretty fantastic. I have to imagine Louis C.K. wrote and directed the entire thing.

Australian Screen Legends:
Fred Armisen as the host of the program. Introduces a clip from The Walk, starring two of the greatest legns of Australian cinema played by Bill Hader & Kate McKinnon. It had an “honest” love scene that ended up being ridiculous. Next is a clip of them saying goodbye in a film A World Apart. They shake hands and that’s the romantic goodbye. Next was Death and Loss which had a “tearful” death scene. Louis C.K. joined that part as another Australian actor playing the doctor. Next is On the Bluff, which had Hader & C.K. playing two cowboys who fall in love. This was a really random sketch and didn’t really work at all.

fun. – “Some Nights”:
fun.’s first performance of the night, their top 10 hit “Some Nights”. This is one of my favorite songs of the moment and they absolutely killed it. Loved it.

Weekend Update:
The segment started with a lot of jokes about Hurricane Sandy affecting New York City. “Power was restored, reuniting people with loved ones.” *Picture of a man hugging an iPad. Then it shifted back to its usual political jokes. The candidates have one last chance to state their case for president. Sudeikis was back as Romney. It went on a little too long and only had a few laughs. Then Aidy Bryant came out as Kourtney Barnes, a social media expert. She presented comments made about the presidential candidates from social media sites. All of the comments were ridiculous and not from the most intelligent and articulate people. “Sometimes the boners have a lot of dashes after it.” “Obama = poop.” This wasn’t hysterical but it makes the case that Aidy Bryant is the strongest of the newcomers. For the third guest, Cecily Strong was back as ‘The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation with at a Party’. I didn’t find the first appearance so memorable but this one was much funnier. I loved the part where she checked her Blackberry while still trying to maintain the conversation.

Mountain Pass:
This was completely random. Louis C.K. played a guy blowing a horn in the mountain pass looking for someone. He ends up annoying everyone in the area. The comedy from this sketch came from all of the cast members having weird names and wearing Game of Thrones-esque clothing. The funniest part was Louis C.K. kept breaking. In the opening, he kept bringing down the horn he was blowing before the sound effect ended. Then he also forgot how to pronounce one of the weird words and completely blew past it.

Hotel Fees:
In this sketch, Louis C.K. played a hotel clerk that was checking out a guest played by Bobby Moynihan. The clerk kept going over all of the items/services that were charged to Moynihan’s room. This was another sketch that really didn’t work as a concept. Louis was entertaining with his hoity-toity accent and demeanor. Basically the opposite of his real life personality. The sketch went on too long and was repeating the same type of joke during the entire 4 minutes. One of the weakest moments of the night for sure.

fun. – “Carry On”:
Their new single and another one of my favorites from their album. They did another amazing performance. Easily my favorite musical guest this season. I hope everyone goes out and supports them.

Last Call:
It’s last call at a hole-in-the-wall bar. Louis C.K. & Kate McKinnon play two drunk losers that connect over absolutely nothing. They think they have a lot of things in common but they actually have nothing in common. This was one of the funniest sketches of the night. Much better than those two duds before the second fun. performance. C.K. & McKinnon were both on fire and were completely committed to their characters. Their make out at the end was absolutely disgusting and hilarious at the same time. It was ALL tongue. “Red rover, red rover. Send that mouth right over.”

I thought this was a pretty good episode. There was a lot to like about it. The monologue and the Last Call sketch were highlights of the entire season. fun. was the best musical act the show has had so far this season. And it was fun to watch Louis C.K. I just wish the show could’ve been stronger in the middle portion. Weekend Update wasn’t the best and the two sketches following it were some of the weakest of the season. If it hadn’t been for those ones, this could’ve been the strongest of the season.

Next week: Anne Hathaway & Rihanna. Hathaway is one of the better hosts this show has had. And I like Rihanna’s new song “Diamonds” so I’ll be looking forward to that performance. Although it seems a little too soon to have her back. She was just the guest back in May with Eli Manning.


Louis C.K.