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The X Factor: 2.16 – “Top 13 Results Show”

This is going to be a short recap. There’s going to be two performances from One Direction and I am going to skip those. I watched the beginning of “Like While We’re Young”. It’s a catchy song and they weren’t terrible. They just aren’t great. I thought the one guy Harry was awful. They other guys must really be holding up the rest of the group.

Khloe & Mario then introduce a long recap of last night’s show. It’s interesting to know that almost 2 hours of programming can be jammed into a 6 minute recap successfully. Then they bring out the mentors and their contestants to reveal the results of last night’s voting.

First 6 acts through to the Top 12:
*in the order called out by Khloe & Mario*
Arin Ray
Paige Thomas
Diamond White
Vino Alan
Jennel Garcia

Then there is a commercial break followed by another performance from One Direction. But first Khloe introduces a clip package that showed One Direction’s rise from X Factor U.K. to one of the most popular acts in the world. I guess the show is trying to prove that it’s relevant in the music industry. The U.K. version has produced a few stars but the U.S. version hasn’t been that successful yet. I actually wish they showed more footage of them from the U.K. version because I actually found their first auditions pretty interesting. But they immediately cut to their performance. They need to sell records more than entertain me, I guess. Commercial break then back to the action.

Next 5 acts through to the Top 12:
*in the order called out by Khloe & Mario*
Carly Rose Sonenclar
Tate Stevens
Beatrice Miller
Lyric 145
Fifth Harmony

Bottom Two: Jason Brock (Over 25s) & CeCe Frey (Young Adults)
*Mario explains what will happen. Both acts will have to sing for their lives. The judges will then decide which act makes the Top 12 and which act is eliminated. If the judges are deadlocked, the act with the lowest votes from America is going home.*

Cece Frey – “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me”
Actually, this is an inspired choice of song. This was the song that Cher sang in the film Burlesque and should’ve won Diane Warren an Oscar. I think CeCe did a good job here, at least in the beginning. Much like her last chance performance last week, she’s much more compelling when it’s just her on stage and she’s not surrounded by cheesy dancers and weird effects. She gets very pitchy towards the end. She can’t hit those high notes and I wish she would stop trying to do that. That’s where Demi needs to step in and tell her to stick to what she can do best.

Jason Brock – “Total Eclipse of the Heart”
An expected song choice from him. I don’t think he’ll make the Top 12 because CeCe is the demographic the show is trying to reach, much more so than Jason. But he gave it his best shot. His vocals are really strong and he’s entertaining to watch for sure. He could’ve been stronger though.

Time to vote for which act to eliminate. There’s still 10 minutes to go before the broadcast is over. Waht are they going to do with the rest of the time? Mario & Khloe ask for the judges votes.

Votes to Eliminate
Demi: Jason Brock
L.A.: CeCe Frey
Britney: CeCe Frey
Simon: Jason Brock

It’s goes to deadlock, so America’s votes will decide who goes home. The act going home is…Jason Brock. L.A. comes home to give him a hug goodbye. Jason tells Mario & Khloe that he’s proud of how he did the competition and that he did it for “the gays and Japan”. What?

Back from break, Khloe announces that they are going to reveal exactly how America voted. Which act received the most votes and down from there. This is interesting but it also just feels like a way to fill some time. Random, but here we go…

Contestants Standing in the Voting
1st Place: Tate Stevens
2nd Place: Carly Rose Sonenclar
3rd Place: Vino Alan
4th Place: Diamond White
5th Place: Fifth Harmony
6th Place: Emblem3
7th Place: Jennel Garcia
8th Place: Paige Thomas
9th Place: Lyric 145
10th Place: Beatrice Miller
11th Place: Arin Ray
12th Place: CeCe Frey
13th Place: Jason Brock [Eliminated]

This is a little bit awkward. First of all, CeCe was stage during this whole thing. She was already announced 12th and she was just awkwardly. After they announced Emblem3 though, she was finally off. Simon was shocked that Emblem3 wasn’t in 1st place. And there was another weird moment where we were waiting for Mario to announce 10th place, even though the camera was firmly planted on Beatrice Miller for a good 10 seconds. I’m really shocked that Tate Stevens got the most votes and that two of the Over 25s were in the top 3. There’s a reason this show isn’t doing well if this is the way America is voting.