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The X Factor: 2.18 – “Two Acts Eliminated, Down to Top 10”

We’re back for another results show hosted by Mario Lopez & Khloe Kardashian. The first 10 minutes are devoted to recapping the performance show last night. Easy to DVR through that nonsense. Then the Top 12 acts take the stage where Mario announces the first act that is going to be eliminated. After an introduction of “The first act going home”…and a long pause…Mario throws to commercial. Really? Aren’t we over this device for reality shows already? This show is so behind the times that it’s using tactics that even American Idol* has given up on in its recent seasons.

Back from commercial. The announcement is made and the first act eliminated tonight…Lyric 145.

Pretty shocking. They were a promising act on the show but their performance really lacked yesterday. After they were eliminated, Lyric mentioned that they had an original hip-hop song that they wanted to perform but it “got snatched away at the last second”. I wonder if it was their decision, Simon’s decision or some kind of legal/contract issue. They were one of the more interesting acts this season and it’s a disappointing development.

Next up…Taylor Swift is the musical guest. She performs “State of Grace” from her new problem. She’s a terrible live performer and I doubt she would’ve made it far had she had to have done a show like this or American Idol.

We’re back to the results. 11 acts remain. Mario & Khloe are going to reveal which acts are safe and which ones are in the bottom two.

Acts through to the Top 10:
*in the order called out by Mario & Khloe*
Arin Ray
Vino Alan
Carly Rose Sonenclar
Diamond White
Tate Stevens
Beatrice Miller
CeCe Frey
Fifth Harmony

Bottom Two: Jennel Garcia (Young Adults) & Paige Thomas (Young Adults)
*Both of these ladies will have a sing-off. One of the acts will have one last chance to be saved from elimination. I think this is indicative of what a terrible mentor Demi has been. Personally, I think CeCe should have Jennel’s place. But it was the fact that CeCe got the final slot of the night and Jennel was one of the first of the night. I’m actually glad that Paige is here. She’s a terrible singer and doesn’t really have a unique personality to take her any further. I hope the judges do the right thing and keep Jennel. Also, all of Britney’s acts have made the Top 10 while the other groups have all experienced a cut.*

Jennel Garcia – “The Reason”
The beginning was a little soft. I guess her nerves got the best of her and it really showed. But when the song picked up the pace, she really seemed more invested and was able to share her emotions through her vocals. The ending was really beautiful. If she had been that emotional and strong throughout the entire performance then there wouldn’t be a question of her possibly leaving. It’s up in the air at this point.

Paige Thomas – “Paradise”
Paige’s voice is so thin that I can barely understand what she’s saying. No wonder Demi had to put Paige in some ridiculous costumes and surround her with dancers everywhere. Her voice isn’t very strong and her articulation is borderline terrible. There is nothing interesting about this performance in any way. I hope the judges do the right and send her packing. She doesn’t deserve to be in the competition, especially when it’s between her and Jennel for the axe.

Time to vote for which act to eliminate. The judges will decide who goes home. If it’s a tie (like it was last week), America’s votes will be the deciding factor.

Votes to Eliminate
L.A.: Jennel Garcia
Britney: Jennel Garcia
Demi: Paige Thomas
Simon: Jennel Garcia
ELIMINATED: Jennel Garcia

There’s some more fighting between Simon & Demi. Simon was supposed to reveal his vote before Demi, but Simon refused and wanted to do what Demi was going to do. Demi tried to defer it to, but Simon still refused. It was an awkward moment and Mario is a terrible host. He kept trying to press Simon into revealing first. Remember who writes your checks Mario. Simon said that he’s voting based on the last-chance performance and he believes Paige has more star potential. I think they were absolutely crazy tonight. This show is losing credibility because of decisions like this.

Before they go to commercial, they announce they are going to reveal the voting for the Top 10. Mario also adds, “We’re going to do what no other singing competition show has done and reveal the voting…” Which confirms they are only doing this for that reason alone. I have to admit though, it is actually one of the smart things that the show has done in its retooling. If only the talent was better, then this show would really be something to praise.

Contestants Standing in the Voting
1st Place: Tate Stevens
2nd Place: Carly Rose Sonenclar
3rd Place: Vino Alan
4th Place: Emblem3
5th Place: CeCe Frey
6th Place: Fifth Harmony
7th Place: Diamond White
8th Place: Beatrice Miller
9th Place: Arin Ray
10th Place: Paige Thomas
11th Place: Jennel Garcia [Eliminated]
12th Place: Lyric 145 [Eliminated]

With the Top 3 remaining the same from next week, this is why this whole leaderboard reveal could be anti-climatic for the show. If the voting continues the same way, it won’t be a surprise if Tate, Carly Rose & Vino make it finale night. The show basically sucks the drama out of the competition if this ends up being the case. Oh well.

The show is back next week with a performance show on Wednesday and a results show on Thanksgiving night. Sucks to be them I guess.