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The X Factor: 2.20 – “Thanksgiving Results, Top 8 Revealed”

Hey everyone! I’m going to keep tonight’s recap short and sweet. It’s Thanksgiving and I’m completely full from all of the good I’ve eaten today. The show started about 18 minutes late because of the overrun from the NFL game. They did a recap of last night’s performances. Then it was followed by a school that FOX & Best Buy helped out earlier this week, which then paved way for a Top 10 Group number. I completely fast-forwarded through all of that. Then it was time for the first of two eliminations of the night. The lowest vote-getter is automatically eliminated.

The first person eliminated tonight is…Arin Ray.

This was completely expected. The show never really knew what to do with him and the two-in-a-row ballads didn’t help him out. He was a good vocalist but you also need to have a marketable personality on this show and that’s what he mainly missed.

Cher Lloyd performs next. She was a contestant on Britain’s X Factor and has done really well in the music industry, mostly with her single “Want U Back”. She performed her new single “Oath”. It was okay but I only managed to last for the first 30 seconds before I DVRed to the rest of the results.

We’re back to the results. Mario & Khloe are going to reveal which acts are safe and which are in the bottom two.

Acts through to the Top 8:
*in the order called out by Mario & Khloe*
Diamond White
Vino Alan
Carly Rose Sonenclar
Fifth Harmony
Tate Stevens
Paige Thomas

Bottom Two: CeCe Frey (Young Adults) & Beatrice Miller (Teens)
*These two will have to sing for their lives. This is CeCe’s second time in the bottom two and this is Beatrice’s first time. I’m not really surprised by this. I know I predicted the two groups to be in the bottom, but I’m actually glad they weren’t. CeCe’s vocals were terrible and her compelling backstory wasn’t enough to save her from the bottom. I like Beatrice but I think her voting group clashes with Diamond & Carly Rose, who were much stronger than her last night. Hopefully the judges do the right thing and save Beatrice.

CeCe Frey – “Because of You”
Wow, she took on the Kelly Clarkson song “Because of You”. Gutsy move. Clarkson songs can be pulled off if the person has unique vocals. And CeCe doesn’t even come close. She’s terrible once again. This is truly awful. I don’t have faith the judges will see that though.

Beatrice Miller – “White Flag”
Beatrice is really emotional tonight. She was crying during the entire results announcement and she barely kept it together when it was revealed she was one of the bottom two. She keeps it together for the most part, but she’s shaky for sure. Her vocals are interesting and I think that alone deserves to keep her here over CeCe.

Time to vote for which act to eliminate. The judges will decide who goes home. If it’s a tie (like it was two weeks ago), America’s votes will be the deciding factor.

Votes to Eliminate
Demi: Beatrice Miller
Britney: CeCe Frey
L.A.: Beatrice Miller
Simon: Beatrice Miller
ELIMINATED: Beatrice Miller

Simon basically becomes the deciding vote here. Simon says that it looks like this is becoming too much pressure for Beatrice and she can’t handle it. “It’s not your time right now” and his vote sends her home. I kind of agree with his statement. I wouldn’t have cared if she went home next week, just not before CeCe Frey. I don’t know why the producers and judges keep supporting her when she’s so awful. They are bringing the quality of the show down by keeping her around. This is also makes the 2nd contestant from the Teens goroup to go home tonight. Now a great night for Britney’s team.

Now it’s time to see what the leaderboard looks like.

Contestants Standing in the Voting
1st Place: Carly Rose Sonenclar
2nd Place: Tate Stevens
3rd Place: Vino Alan
4th Place: Emblem3
5th Place: Diamond White
6th Place: Paige Thomas
7th Place: Fifth Harmony
8th Place: CeCe Frey
9th Place: Beatrice Miller [Eliminated]
10th Place: Arin Ray [Eliminated]

Once again, the Top 3 are the exact same people. Although Carly Rose & Tate switched places. That’s not a huge surprise because Carly Rose got the pimp slot and that probably propelled her past Tate.

The show is back next Wednesday night where the Top 8 perform and the results will be shown on Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!