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The X Factor: 2.22 – “Results Show, Top 6 Revealed”

Another double elimination this week. The show opens up with Mario & Khloe introducing the judges (Britney is wearing a weird hat) then a couple minute recap of last night’s performances. Time for the results.

The first person eliminated tonight is…Paige Thomas.

Pretty shocking actually. I didn’t even have her pegged for the bottom three. But I don’t think she’s a very talented vocalist and she never connected to the audience very well. Paige takes it pretty well, it seems. She storms to the center of the stage before Mario & Khloe can even make it there. She isn’t so much gracious as she is pissed. She tells Khloe that she’s content because she can go home and put in some more work. “I’ve got bigger and better things to do.” She puts down the show and Demi, a little bit. Not a classy way to go out.

Next up, last year’s runner-up Josh Krajcik performs his new single, “One Thing She’ll Never Know”. He’s pretty talented and reminds me that I think I might’ve preferred last year’s crop of talent to this one. Slightly. I definitely miss Paula. After a commercial, Mario & Khloe talk about the Pepsi Challenge. I don’t really remember that at all. Back to the results.

Acts Through to the Top 6:
*in order called out by Mario & Khloe*
Fifth Harmony
CeCe Frey
Carly Rose Sonenclar
Tate Stevens

Bottom Two: Vino Alan (Over 25s) & Diamond White (Teens)
I called it! I knew these two would be singing for their lives tonight. I can’t believe CeCe didn’t even make the bottom three. The show needs her to go home at this point if they want to be credible as a singing talent competition. This should be an interesting choice for the judges. Vino has done pretty well with the voting public and might have a better chance. Diamond is better for the show though. She’s a better performer and appeals to the target audience much more than Vino.

Before they perform, Alicia Keys comes out to perform “Girl on Fire”. I hate that song so I have no problem skipping this. Commercial break and then it’s time for the last chance performances.

Diamond White – “I Was Here”
Side note: Melissa Rycroft used this song during her freestyle routine on DWTS this song. I think it’s interesting that this might be Beyonce’s most popular song from her last album and she didn’t release it as a single. Diamond’s performance was pretty good. The background vocal track is a little awkward and drowns out her voice a little bit in the middle. Diamond is a more interesting performer and they would be fools to let her go. After her performance, Khloe comforted her and Mario said, “You were there”. WTF is wrong with him? He said that with a completely serious face too.

Vino Alan – “Trouble”
The opening is really terrible. First of all, he looked pissed off on his walk to the mic stand. And his voice/tone is completely different from anything he’s been using all season and it comes off phony. He’s also really pushing his voice in some parts. Really forced. I want to like Vino but I think Diamond deserves to stay over him. The judges will likely prefer his theatrics and keep him in the competition.

Votes to Eliminate
L.A.: Diamond White
Britney: Vino Alan
Demi: Vino Alan
Simon: Vino Alan

The judges made the right choice. All of them pretty much said the same thing, they love both of them and they hate to make the choice. Vino looks pissed after he’s eliminated. He says something that’s common of most contestants on here: I didn’t get a chance to show what I wanted to show. Maybe that’s the problem of the show. The contestants aren’t being authentic and are being pushed in insincere directions by their mentors and/or the producers. This also leaves the Over 25s category down to only one. L.A. is in the same boat as Demi.

Now it’s time to see what the leaderboard looks like.

Contestants Standing in the Voting
1st Place: Carly Rose Sonenclar
2nd Place: Tate Stevens
3rd Place: Emblem3
4th Place: Fifth Harmony
5th Place: CeCe Frey
6th Place: Diamond White
7th Place: Vino Alan [Eliminated]
8th Place: Paige Thomas [Eliminated]

4th time in a row that Carly Rose & Tate Stevens have been in the top two spots. Again, this is the danger of the show revealing the complete voting results every week.

The show is back on Wednesday night, where the Top 6 will perform for a chance to be in the semi-finals. So there’s probably another double elimination next week or the finals will have 4 people in it. The show has been holding its cards this season so who knows what will happen. Until then, peace out.