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The X Factor: 2.24 – “Results Show, Top 4 Revealed”

We’re back for another results show. The semi-finalists will be revealed tonight as two more acts are eliminated from the competition. First of all, I really liked Khloe’s outfit last night. Tonight it looks like she pulled something out of her mother’s closet from the 80’s. I can’t even describe it. Look for a picture online to believe it.

Khloe & Mario introduce a clip package recapping last night’s performance. Then they introduced Melanie Amaro. It’s interesting in the introduction clips they completely edited around Nicole Scherzinger or Paula Abdul giving her positive critiques. The show wants to pretend they never existed. Melanie is on stage on some kind of contraption that raises her 20 feet in the area. It looks awkward and she seems uncomfortable. She gets better once they get off of that device and that’s when I reach for the fast-forward button.

Commercial followed, by another commercial featured in the show. Mario talks about the Sony X Headphones before getting clarification on their greatness from Simon, who helped develop the product. Then Mario throws to a clip package featuring the contestants wearing the Sony X Headphones everywhere. FOX has to pay some bills apparently.

Time for the first elimination of the night. The act with the lowest number of votes and eliminated from the competition is…CeCe Frey.

CeCe is finally gone. The show should be thankful for this. She was bringing down the overall quality of the show and they needed her gone if they wanted to be taken seriously as a talent competition. Demi is upset, and is rocking CeCe’s cheesy leopard spots in support of CeCe. This also means that nobody is left in the Young Adults category and Demi is out as a mentor. She must be slightly happy about that. She doesn’t have to put in as much time with the show and can still collect a pretty nice paycheck.

The show takes a real commercial break and then comes back with Mario & Khloe announcing who is safe and who is going to have to sing for their lives.

Acts Through to the Top 4/Semi-Finals:
*in order called out by Mario & Khloe*
Carly Rose Sonenclar
Tate Stevens

Bottom Two: Fifth Harmony (Groups) & Diamond White (Teens)
I called this yesterday. It was pretty obvious this was going to the bottom 2 this week. It’ll be interesting to see who goes home from this pairing. Diamond is more liked by the judges but I think Fifth Harmony could pull out a semi-final spot if they really nail their last chance performance.

Before they get a chance to perform, Kesha takes the stage and performs her new single “C’Mon” from her new album Warrior. I would’ve rather seen her perform “Die Young” but this song isn’t half bad. I’ve been looking forward to her new album but haven’t had a chance to give it a listen yet. Put that on the to-do list. After a commercial break, it’s time for the last chance performances.

Fifth Harmony – Groups – “Anytime You Need a Friend”
Their vocals are pretty solid here. The staging is a little bit awkward. When they get to the chorus they begin to interact with each other and sing the chorus to each other. It’s a little cheesy and takes me out of the performance. Camila gets a few nice moments to shine. I think they have a good shot of surviving tonight’s elimination.

Diamond White – Teens – “I Hope You Dance”
Oh god, I already dislike this performance because of the song choice. The song is so old-fashioned and doesn’t fit Diamond’s style at all. Her vocals are strong but the song choice just destroys it for me. She should’ve picked something more current and showed off what she would do as a contemporary artist.

Votes to Eliminate
Simon: Diamond White
Britney: Fifth Harmony
L.A.: Diamond White
Demi: Diamond White
ELIMINATED: Diamond White

I’m not surprised and I think the judges made the right call. Diamond has been in the bottom two multiple times. She’s a solid performer but this competition wasn’t for her. She should be proud of herself. She was sent home in the Top 16 show but was given a last-minute reprieve and managed to take herself to the Top 6. Diamond looks on the bright side. She says that Cher Lloyd came in 5th place and she still did pretty well for herself. She wants to follow the same path. A classy exit from Diamond.

Now it’s time to see what the leaderboard looks like.

Contestants Standing in the Voting
1st Place: Tate Stevens
2nd Place: Carly Rose Sonenclar
3rd Place: Emblem3
4th Place: Fifth Harmony
5th Place: Diamond White [Eliminated]
6th Place: CeCe Frey [Eliminated]

Tate Stevens is back in the top spot after two weeks of Carly Rose as the reigning queen. I don’t think it was based on performance. Tate got the pimp slot last night which means that he was the last thing people saw before voting. Pretty predictable.

Next week the Top 4 will perform in the semi-finals. Only 3 will make it to the finals on December 20th. So basically, based on the leaderboard results, Fifth Harmony will be making a likely exit next week.