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The X Factor: 2.26 – “Results Show, Who Will Make It to the Finals?”

The finalists will be revealed on tonight’s results show. But it was reported in the media yesterday that L.A. will not be returning to the show next season. He wants to focus more on his record label but he’s loved his time on the show. It’s still early so the decision could be reversed. It wouldn’t be a huge loss though. Bring someone more interesting in his place to liven up the show a little bit.

The show opens with the final 4 acts performing “Coming Home”. The only impression I get is that Tate seems completely out-of-place, especially being about 20 years older than the rest of them, and he’s washed out and doesn’t make any impression. A commercial break is next followed by a recap of last night’s performances and the contestants talking about how much they want to win. Another break before the first results are revealed.

Act #1 Going to the FinalsFifth Harmony

This is pretty shocking. Everybody, including the group members themselves and Simon, are completely shocked by this. Britney looked very worried and L.A. can’t believe what just happened. The girls are hugging and crying and can’t believe they’re good fortune. They seemed earmarked to go home last night. Now one of the Top 3 vote-getters from last week are not even going to make the finals. Who will it be?

Before more results are revealed, Bridgit Mendler comes out and performs her single “Ready or Not”. I’ve never heard of this girl in my life and the song is the most generic thing I’ve ever heard. She would’ve never made it on a show like this. No problem DVRing past this trainwreck. More results are next.

Act #2 Going to the FinalsTate Stevens

No surprise here. He’s been in the Top 2 vote-getters since the first live shows and now he’s officially in the finals. L.A. is extremely happy. Tate thanks everybody and has problems formulating a thought because he’s trying to stop himself from being too emotional. Don’t be scared to that! It humanizes you and makes you less of a robot, which is what you sometimes appear to be in the pre-recorded material on the show. This means that one of the early frontrunners, Carly Rose Sonenclar or Emblem3, will be leaving the show and won’t even make it to the finals.

Bruno Mars performs “Locked Out of Heaven” next. I love Bruno Mars and can’t wait to listen to his new album. Doo-Wops & Hooligans is one of my favorite albums from the past couple years and I’ve heard his new album is just as good and better in some places. Mars is a great live performer. He’s basically copying the same performance he did on SNL in October, but I can’t blame him. It’s pretty terrific and he shows why he’s one of top acts in the music industry today.

Time for the final results…

Act #3 Going to the FinalsCarly Rose Sonenclar


A pretty shocking turn of events. Emblem3 seemed to be the judges’ favorite act from the beginning of the live shows and hey constantly pimped them every week, despite the quality of their performances. Carly Rose is shocked but she and Britney are happy they are still in the competition. Emblem3 seems to be taking it well. They’re happy with what they did the competition and how they’ve grown every week. Simon is very disappointed, but he knows that Emblem3 will have a huge career. One Direction didn’t win the U.K. version, so I guess it’s very possible that could happen for them as well.

Next week is the finals. In all likelihood, it will be a battle to the death between Tate & Carly Rose. Fifth Harmony should’ve even bother trying next week. Just enjoy your final moments on TV, ladies.