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The X Factor: 2.28 – “Season Finale. The Winner Is…”

It’s finale night! Carly Rose Sonenclar, Tate Stevens or Fifth Harmony is going to be crowned the winner of the second season of The X Factor. I’m going to be fast-forwarding during a lot of the results show tonight. There’s going to be 2 hours of filler before they eventually get to the reveal of the winner. [Note: I will update with pictures in a little bit. I wanted to get this post up ASAP so people could get a recap quickly.]

The first 15 minutes is completely useless. The judges and the contestants arrive on a red carpet that is put together outside of the studio leading to the main stage. The final 3 contestants arrive in big limousines and sing along to “All You Need Is Love”, which I’m pretty sure is pre-recorded. Or at least the opening portion before they arrive on the stage is recorded, but the actual stage performance is live. It’s really a badly produced number and not a great way to kick off the show.

I fast-forward through some of the show which apparently contains a clip show of L.A. Reid moments, before Tate Stevens comes out and sings “Bells Will Be Ringing”. The parts I pay attention to are pretty solid. He would’ve been better off singing this during one of the live performance shows when it would count. A recap of his journey on the show is shown, but I completely skip that.

The Fifth Harmony girls are next on the stage. A montage of Simon’s best moments are shown before he introduces the girls. They sing the Mariah Carey version of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”. Darlene Love’s version is one of my favorite songs of all time, so of course I’m not going to love this completely. It’s decent though. The set looks amazing and their costumes are cute. Apparently this is going to be their schtick from now on. Colorful costumes and crazy set pieces. It’s a little too late but it’s a decent performance that I stick around the whole time for instead of skipping.

Carly Rose is the last one up to perform a Christmas tune. They saved the big one for her. She sings Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You”. I have to say, these Christmas performances are really enjoyable and much better than the duets they performed last night. The contestants, especially Carly Rose, would’ve put on a better show and made the reveal of the results more interesting had these performances been shown last night. The dancing toy soldiers behind Carly Rose are a little ridiculous, but it’s still enjoyable and I’m still holding out hope that Carly Rose can win the show somehow.

Time for the first reveal of the night. Mario & Khloe are going to reveal which act is eliminated first, therefore making them the third place act in the competition.

Third Place Goes toFifth Harmony

Not a complete shock. I thought they could’ve possibly ended up being the runner-up with all of the pimping the judges did for them last night. The show really pushed hard for them these last two weeks. Simon looks pissed. But he should be happy two of the groups got to the Final 4, compared to last year when the groups went home 3 out of the first 4 eliminated. The Groups were much stronger this time around and Simon should be happy with that, at least. That means it’s down to Carly Rose Sonenclar & Tate Stevens, as it’s been throughout the entire season.

There’s some more time filling going on with the show. I DVR through most of it. But from what I can gather: Khloe talks with Carly Rose & Tate’s families. Then there’s a recap of the entire season: auditions, boot camp, judges’ houses, live shows. Then Mario talks to the judges about their favorite parts of the season. Then Khloe talks with the previously eliminated contestants from the Top 13.

Pitbull hits the stage next. He performs his latest single, “Don’t Stop the Party”. I can’t stand Pitbull so I have no problem skipping this either. If I didn’t stop the DVR and see Mario & Khloe introduce him, I would’ve thought they invited Psy to perform on the finale.

That’s followed by another musical guest: One Direction performing “Kiss You”. The show is really trying to push the relevance of The X Factor by bringing them back again. It’s like the producers are saying: See! This show can produce somebody relevant! Too bad it hasn’t happened for the U.S. version yet.

Up next…Carly Rose & Tate perform together. Carly Rose starts off by singing “The Climb”. She looks incredibly nervous and I don’t think her voice is holding up that well. Britney actually looks pretty emotional from watching her contestant perform. It looks like Tate is also going to be performing this. I have to say, I haven’t been the biggest fan of his, but this isn’t really fair for him. The show is obviously made for a younger artist to sing. He’s at a disadvantage and it really shows that he lacks as a vocalist compared to Carly Rose.

It’s time for the reveal! I have to admit, this results show went pretty smoothly. It took me about 20/25 minutes to get through the whole thing on the DVR. I could still get the main points of what was going on without having to stop and actually watch it. I might’ve killed myself if I sat through the entire thing live though. The magic of modern-day television comes through! They’re not bullshitting around. They are getting right to the reveal.

The Winner IsTate Stevens

Which means that, The Runner-Up IsCarly Rose Sonenclar

I can’t say I’m surprised. Tate was in the top spot for most of the season. I don’t really have much to say. The show really needs him to do well though. They need some credibility as a television show for finding musical talent. It’s a little bit anti-climatic since the show has been building up to his championship all season long. I’m glad Carly Rose did so well on the show and can go out with her head held high. I think she’s going to end up being pretty successful without having the actual title of the winner. Tate performs “Tomorrow” as the show comes to a close for the season.

That’s it for this season! I hope you have all enjoyed reading my recaps. I’m going to find something else popular to recap because this was my most popular topic on the blog. My readership is going to go down. So if you regularly read my blogs, let me know what else you want to see that will keep you coming back! I hope everyone has a great holiday season and a happy new year! I’ll be doing some semi-regular blog posts over the next few weeks until something else comes up to recap. Look for my Best of the Year in Television posts coming next week, or maybe even this weekend if I’m ambitious enough. Thanks again!