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Best of 2012: Top TV Moments of the Year (70-61)
Continuing with the end of the year countdown. I usually do a list of my Top 100 Episodes of the year, which I already posted. But that gets a little bit boring to right about so I decided to expand my horizons and do a list of my favorite TV moments. I tried to include a wide variety of programs, people, reality, variety, etc. I didn’t want everything to be scripted dramas and comedies. I also tried to limit the overuse of some shows. There were some other moments from Girls and Mad Men for that reason. Let’s start the countdown.

70. The 84th Annual Academy Awards – Jim Rash steals the show
The Oscars weren’t very memorable this year and even the producers didn’t know what was going on with the weird microphone buzzing, but at least we got this moment. Jim Rash knew he wasn’t going to be able to give a speech, so he wanted to do something memorable. He did his own personal internet meme on the stage of the Oscars by imitating Angelina’s ridiculous leg pose. It gave life to a boring ceremony.

69. The X Factor – “Top 10 Perform” – Carly Rose Sonenclar – “Over the Rainbow”
The X Factor is still trying to find itself as a show after two seasons. The show is a mess in a lot of ways and the addition of Britney as a judge didn’t really do anything. At least they had Carly Rose Sonenclar. She’s the most talented contestant from both seasons. This specific performance was a tipping point for the show. It’s capable of producing performances like these that are simple but powerful. Carly Rose’s vocals were flawless. She should’ve won the show, but I still have a feeling she’ll end up being very successful anyways.

68. Saturday Night Live – “Zooey Deschanel/Karmin” – Les Jeunes de Paris with Jean Dujardin
The Paris sketches have always been really weird and random. Taran Killam leads them every time. His energy and crazy dancing really bring life to the sketches. This one was even weirder with Zooey Deschanel. Add in Jean DuJardin basically reprising his role from The Artist and it became of the most fascinating moments of the year.

67. Watch What Happens Live – “April 30” – Kathleen Turner & Jennifer Tilly confirm they are crazy
This was the year that I started watching Andy Cohen’s nightly talk show on Bravo. I guess the reason I like the show so much is that it knows exactly what it wants to be. It’s not aiming high or pretending to be classy. Andy Cohen likes to ask very personal and pointed questions while the guests are completely game for anything. The crazy guest combinations are always fascinating too. This particular pairing was a doozy. Kathleen Turner & Jennifer Tilly were just completely crazy and giving the most insane answers, especially during their respective turns at ‘Plead the Fifth’. Turner hates Nicolas Cage and Jennifer Tilly went on a long spiel about losing the Oscar to Dianne Wiest. It was a great representation of why this show has to be watched.

66. New Girl – “Eggs” – Winston does a dramatic reading of Nick’s zombie novel
These are still some major issues with this show. But one of them isn’t the cast. The cast is really uniformly excellent. They can be paired in different combinations and still work. This tag to the episode “Eggs” featured the four roommates sitting on Jess’ bed while Winston read Nick’s terrible zombie novel. It was a genuinely nice moment between all four of them and a perfect demonstration of the chemistry that the cast shares.

65. The Amazing Race – “It’s a Great Place to Become Millionaires” – Rachel & Dave cross finish line twice
It’s hard to believe the show just finished its 21st season (which I really liked in some parts and really disliked in other parts). But the 20th season was pretty solid and had a peculiar ending. Rachel & Dave got a little lost on the way to the Road Block and ended up finding the finish line instead. They ran through the tunnel of eliminated contestants and onto the platform with Phil. They thought they had won, but Phil informed them that they got there too early and needed to go complete the Road Block first. Without any problem, they completed it and made their way back to win the $1 million dollar prize.

64. Glee – “Graduation” – Rachel goes to NYC
I understand why people had a problem with this sequence, but I absolutely loved the fantasy of it. Finn drops Rachel off at the train station and it’s exactly what you want a major departure to feel like. Finn has a hot pink suitcase packed for her and all of her friends are there to see her off. She said her goodbyes, kisses Finn, and boards the train to New York City. Then she arrives in NYC and gets to wander the streets while her suitcase rolls along. I just love the way it was executed. I wish the show would try to be less realistic and just try to produce more moments like this.

63. Mad Men – “Far Away Places” – Roger’s LSD trip
Mad Men isn’t know for its comedy, but this sequence was probably the funniest in the show’s history. Roger and his wife take LSD at a dinner party and the results are more than they expect. The beginning is really terrific. Roger takes the cap off of a bottle of vodka and a symphony begins to play. He lights up a cigarette and when he takes his first puff, a car horn honks. It’s extremely well executed and gets every laugh it goes for. Roger’s entire sequence in that episode was pretty terrific. Slattery had his best season of the show since the first and of course the Emmys chose this year not to nominate him.

62. Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars – “Week 8” – Shawn Johnson, Derek Hough & Mark Ballas – “Jungle Jazz” – Samba
Shawn Johnson was the star this season and deserved to win, but the judges and the producers had a different agenda and Melissa Rycroft ended up winning. But Shawn was consistent throughout the entire season and this was one of the major reasons why. Derek Hough is the best choreographer on the show. Teamed with Mark Ballas, they created a different and unique African Samba routine for the threesome stunt. It was fantastic to watch. The judges hated it because it wasn’t “traditional”. Who cares. It was entertaining and well executed.

61. The Colbert Report – “October 24” – Stephen spoofs investigative reporting walking and talking
Stephen Colbert started off the segment by making fun of an “investigative report” done on FOX News. Stephen took on the reporter’s walking and talking and asking questions. Stephen walked all of the studio while asking ridiculous question after question. The ‘Chorus Line’ was particularly uproarious. Stephen also had another fantastic segment in this episode taking on the G.O.P. and their rape comments. He had a dry erase board with a label _____ Days Without a G.O.P. Rape Comment. Gotta love Stephen Colbert.

Stay tuned for more of the countdown, coming later this week.