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Best of 2012: Top 100 Episodes of 2012 (30-21)
This is the final TV countdown, I swear! I’m counting down my Top 100 episodes of the year. It wasn’t that hard to narrow down the choices but it was difficult to put them in a sensible order. There is a slight overlap between this list and the top TV moments one, so I won’t be doing in-depth write-ups for each episode. I just gave basic information about the airdate, writers and directors. Plus I added a Best Scene category just to mix it up a bit. I hope you enjoy!

30. Treme – “Don’t You Leave Me Here”
Original Airdate: November 11
Written By: Eric Overmyer & Tom Piazza
Directed By: Ernest Dickerson
Best Scene: Albert & LaDonna’s conversation at the bar.

29. 30 Rock – “Live From Studio 6H”
Original Airdate: April 26
Written By: Jack Burditt & Tina Fey
Directed By: Beth McCarthy-Miller
Best Scene: Alfie & Abner

28. Saturday Night Live – “Mick Jagger”
Original Airdate: May 19
Written By: SNL staff
Directed By: Don Roy King
Best Scene: “She’s a Rainbow”

27. Parks and Recreation – “The Debate”
Original Airdate: April 26
Written & Directed By: Amy Poehler
Best Scene: Leslie’s big speech and Andy entertaining the donors

26. Mad Men – “At the Codfish Ball”
Original Airdate: April 29
Written By: Jonathan Igla
Directed By: Michael Uppendahl
Best Scene: The lingering table shot and anything involving Sally & Roger.

25. Veep – “Fundraiser”
Original Airdate: April 22
Written By: Simon Blackwell & Armando Iannucci
Directed By: Armando Iannucci
Best Scene: Selina freaks out about the get well card. “The level of incompetence in this office is STAG-GER-ING!” “I am busy in there apologizing to that fucktard.”

24. Boardwalk Empire – “Sunday Best”
Original Airdate: October 28
Written By: Howard Korder
Directed By: Allen Coulter
Best Scene: Gillian kills her boytoy, Margaret confides in Eli’s wife and Eli & Nucky in the garage

23. The Walking Dead – “Killer Within”
Original Airdate: November 4
Written By: Sang Kyu Kim
Directed By: Guy Ferland
Best Scene: The birth scene.

22. Parks and Recreation – “Win, Lose or Draw”
Original Airdate: May 10
Written & Directed By: Michael Schur
Best Scene: Ron gives Leslie a pep-talk and Leslie’s victory speech.

21. Breaking Bad – “Say My Name”
Original Airdate: August 26
Written & Directed By: Thomas Schnauz
Best Scene: “Shut the fuck up and let me die in peace.”