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Best of 2012: Top 100 Episodes of 2012 (60-51)
This is the final TV countdown, I swear! I’m counting down my Top 100 episodes of the year. It wasn’t that hard to narrow down the choices but it was difficult to put them in a sensible order. There is a slight overlap between this list and the top TV moments one, so I won’t be doing in-depth write-ups for each episode. I just gave basic information about the airdate, writers and directors. Plus I added a Best Scene category just to mix it up a bit. I hope you enjoy!

60. The Big Bang Theory – “The Countdown Reflection”
Original Airdate: May 10
Written By: Steve Holland, Eric Kaplan, Chuck Lorre, Steven Molaro, Bill Prady & Jim Reynolds
Directed By: Mark Cendrowski
Best Scene: Howard & Bernadette’s rooftop wedding

59. Community – “Digital Estate Planning”
Original Airdate: May 17
Written By: Matt Warburton
Directed By: Adam Davidson
Best Scene: The final stage of the game

58. Parks and Recreation – “Bus Tour”
Original Airdate: May 3
Written By: Aisha Muharrar & Alan Yang
Directed By: Dean Holland
Best Scene: The memorial service is interrupted.

57. Happy Endings – “Cocktails & Dreams”
Original Airdate: February 29
Written By: David Caspe, Daniel Libman & Matthew Libman
Directed By: Rob Greenberg
Best Scene: Anything involving Dave’s truck as a speakeasy.

56. Archer – “Space Race, Parts 1 & 2”
Original Airdate: March 15 & 22
Written By: Adam Reed
Best Scene: Astronaut training.

55. 30 Rock – “Stride of Pride”
Original Airdate: October 18
Written By: Tina Fey
Directed By: Jeff Richmond
Best Scene: Liz & Jenna recreate their two-woman show.

54. Glee – “Goodbye”
Original Airdate: May 22
Written & Directed By: Brad Falchuk
Best Scene: Rachel goes off to NYC.

53. Justified – “Slaughterhouse”
Original Airdate: April 10
Written By: Fred Golan & Graham Yost
Directed By: Dean Parisot
Best Scene: Quarles’ final showdown with Raylan & Limehouse.

52. Veep – “Catherine”
Original Airdate: May 6
Written By: Sean Gray, Armando Iannucci & Tony Roche
Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Best Scene: Selina & Catherine have a chat in a closet. I also love this exchange. [Senator Doyle: “Twenty years ago you had no power but you had balls. Now look at you.” Selina: “Yeah, now I’ve got a dick and balls.”]

51. Bob’s Burgers – “Burgerboss”
Original Airdate: April 1
Written By: Scott Jacobson
Directed By: Jennifer Coyle
Best Scene: The yacht club scene.