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Best of 2012: Top 100 Episodes of 2012 (80-71)
This is the final TV countdown, I swear! I’m counting down my Top 100 episodes of the year. It wasn’t that hard to narrow down the choices but it was difficult to put them in a sensible order. There is a slight overlap between this list and the top TV moments one, so I won’t be doing in-depth write-ups for each episode. I just gave basic information about the airdate, writers and directors. Plus I added a Best Scene category just to mix it up a bit. I hope you enjoy!

80. Futurama – “Near-Death Wish”
Original Airdate: August 15
Written By: Eric Horsted
Directed By: Lance Kramer
Best Scene: Farnworth’s parents explain their reason for moving.

79. How I Met Your Mother – “The Final Page, Parts 1 & 2”
Original Airdate: December 17
Written By: Dan Gregor & Doug Mand and Carter Bays & Craig Thomas
Directed By: Pamela Fryman
Best Scene: “The Robin”

78. 30 Rock – “My Whole Life Is Thunder”
Original Airdate: December 6
Written By: Jack Burditt & Colleen McGuinness
Directed By: Linda Mendoza
Best Scene: The greatest eulogy of all time.

77. The Office – “Work Bus”
Original Airdate: October 18
Written By: Brent Forrester
Directed By: Bryan Cranston
Best Scene: “Shabooya Roll Call” and Jim & Dwight on top of the bus.

76. Archer – “The Limited”
Original Airdate: February 2
Written By: Adam Reed
Best Scene: The fight on top of the train.

75. Bob’s Burgers – “The Deepening”
Original Airdate: November 25
Written By: Greg Thompson
Directed By: Bernard Derriman
Best Scene: Montage of ways Bob and the city try to stop the shark.

74. Parenthood – “I’ll Be Right Here”
Original Airdate: October 23
Written By: Sarah Goldfinger
Directed By: Jessica Yu
Best Scene: Adam says goodbye to Julia before she goes into surgery.

73. Glee – “The New Rachel”
Original Airdate: September 13
Written By: Ryan Murphy
Directed By: Brad Falchuk
Best Scene: Burt drops Kurt off at the airport.

72. Parks and Recreation – “How a Bill Becomes a Law”
Original Airdate: October 4
Written By: Dan Goor
Directed By: Ken Whittingham
Best Scene: Anything with Ben & April stuck in the car garage.

71. Modern Family – “Yard Sale”
Original Airdate: October 31
Written By: Abraham Higginbotham
Directed By: Gail Mancuso
Best Scene: Jay refuses to bargain with any potential buyer.