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Best of 2012: Top 100 Episodes of 2012 (90-81)
This is the final TV countdown, I swear! I’m counting down my Top 100 episodes of the year. It wasn’t that hard to narrow down the choices but it was difficult to put them in a sensible order. There is a slight overlap between this list and the top TV moments one, so I won’t be doing in-depth write-ups for each episode. I just gave basic information about the airdate, writers and directors. Plus I added a Best Scene category just to mix it up a bit. I hope you enjoy!

90. Happy Endings – “Four Weddings and a Funeral (Minus Three Weddings and a Funeral)”
Original Airdate: April 4
Written By: Josh Bycel & Leila Strachan
Directed By: Rob Greenberg
Best Scene: The Skype table.

89. The Middle – “The Wedding”
Original Airdate: May 23
Written By: Vijal Patel
Directed By: Phil Traill
Best Scene: Frankie freaks out about having the wedding at their house.

88. I Just Want My Pants Back – “Something’s Wrong Down There”
Original Airdate: February 23
Written By: David J. Rosen
Directed By: Jace Alexander
Best Scene: Tina has to visit her ex-boyfriends to tell them about her STD.

87. The Good Wife – “The Dream Team”
Original Airdate: April 29
Written By: Meredith Averill & Corinne Brinkerhoff
Directed By: Robert King
Best Scene: Nyholm & Canning reveal their true motives.

86. The Big Bang Theory – “The Re-Entry Minimization”
Original Airdate: October 18
Written By: Anthony Del Broccolo, Eric Kaplan, Chuck Lorre, Steven Molaro, Bill Prady & Jim Reynolds
Directed By: Mark Cendrowski
Best Scene: The Pictionary game.

85. Luck – “Episode Nine”
Original Airdate: March 25
Written By: Eric Roth
Directed By: Mimi Leder
Best Scene: Horce race comes down to Pint of Plain or Gettin’ Up Mornin’.

84. Modern Family – “Aunt Mommy”
Original Airdate: February 15
Written By: Abraham Higginbotham & Dan O’Shannon
Directed By: Michael Spiller
Best Scene: Claire & Mitchell under the table.

83. Louie – “Barney/Never”
Original Airdate: August 2
Written & Directed By: Louis C.K.
Best Scene: The strip club scene and diarrhea in the bathtub.

82. Mad Men – “Mystery Date”
Original Airdate: April 8
Written By: Victor Levin & Matthew Weiner
Directed By: Matt Shakman
Best Scene: Peggy gets Roger to pay up. “The work in ten dollars. The lie is extra.”

81. Dexter – “Buck the System”
Original Airdate: October 14
Written By: Jace Richdale
Directed By: Stefan Schwartz
Best Scene: Deb follows Speltzer into his house.