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Fall Schedule Predictions: CBS Successes Leave Little Room for New Shows

Officially Renewed: The Amazing Race, The Big Bang Theory, Blue Bloods, CSI, Elementary, The Good Wife, Hawaii Five-0, How I Met Your Mother, The Mentalist, Mike & Molly, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Person of Interest, 60 Minutes, Survivor, 2 Broke Girls, Undercover Boss
TBA: Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, Golden Boy, Rules of Engagement, Two and a Half Men, Vegas
Already Canceled/Ended: Made in Jersey, Partners

*CBS is still the #1 network. It’s a blessing for sure, especially with the state of broadcast TV in a downward spiral. But that means they also have less room for new shows. And from what I’ve been reading about the pilots in development this year, CBS has the most interesting pilots by far. Their dramas are the most high profile: new one from the producers behind Homeland, a quirky drama starring Rainn Wilson, the Beverly Hills Cop reboot, Toni Collette as a surgeon, another NCIS spin-off. How many can CBS possibly order? I’m looking forward to their announcements next month.*

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7PM: 60 Minutes
8PM: The Amazing Race
9PM: The Good Wife
10PM: The Mentalist

*I don’t see this lineup changing anytime soon. It’s held up relatively well and The Mentalist has even improved on its ratings by airing after The Good Wife. The reason why CBS won’t try anything new here is because of the NFL overrun in the fall. The east coast feed is always delayed because NFL bleeds over into the 7PM hour and pushes everything back. Why don’t they fix it? Because it slightly bumps up the ratings for the shows and they make you pay more attention to the lineup than if everything ran on time. Smart for them, inconvenient for us.*

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8PM: How I Met Your Mother
8:30PM: Friends with Better Lives
9PM: 2 Broke Girls
9:30PM: Mike & Molly
10PM: Hawaii Five-0

*I’m predicting this for now, but I don’t think it’ll stick by mid-season. Friends with Better Lives sounds like the most compatible multi-camera sitcom to be named the successor to HIMYM. But it also sounds like it could be one of those sitcoms that airs for a couple of weeks with middling ratings and gets pulled rather quickly. CBS has A LOT of comedy pilots this season and they can just plug something else in the spot if anything goes wrong. Mike & Molly still has a prime spot behind 2 Broke Girls so it wouldn’t surprise me if that gets moved to 8:30 and uses the post-Broke Girls spot to launch a new show.*

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9PM: Beverly Hills Cop
10PM: NCIS: Los Angeles

*NCIS is the #1 drama on TV. That will stay put. NCIS: Los Angeles has been a great companion piece, but maybe CBS will see if it will be able to stand on its own and launch a new show behind the original recipe. Beverly Hills Cop is one of the highest profile pilots of the year. Sandwiching it between the NCIS shows would help boost its profile higher. Moving NCIS: Los Angeles could possibly solve the Tuesday 10 P.M. problem they’ve had for years.*

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8PM: Survivor
9PM: Person of Interest

*Survivor & CSI have transferred successfully over from Thursdays, so maybe CBS will follow the same formula and bring over Person of Interest. CBS has a lot of comedy pilots on deck and I don’t see them not expanding their Thursday comedy block. This is the only other logical place for Person of Interest to be placed and keep the time slot competitive for CBS.*

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8PM: The Big Bang Theory
8:30PM: Mom
9PM: Two and a Half Men
9:30PM: Untitled Greg Garcia Project
10PM: Elementary

*The Big Bang Theory has been incredibly successful here and with CBS ordering a lot of comedy pilots this year, they have to be expanding their lineup on this night. Two and a Half Men still hasn’t been renewed yet, but I don’t see that being a problem once they work out the contracts. Both of those shows can lead-off their hours and introduce new shows. Mom is another Chuck Lorre production that stars Anna Faris & Allison Janney. I can see the tone and actors being a good fit to follow BBT. The Greg Garcia pilot with Will Arnett & Mary Elizabeth Ellis sounds like a good fit to follow Two and a Half Men. But once again, CBS has a lot of pilots so it wouldn’t surprise me if another show was picked. If TAHM isn’t renewed, I could see CBS just launching two single-camera shows in the 9PM hour.*

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8PM: Undercover Boss
9PM: Criminal Minds
10PM: Blue Bloods

*CBS doesn’t have a whole lot of options here. Friday nights have been a problem for them. Undercover Boss is getting stale but is still a solid performer overall. Criminal Minds hasn’t been renewed yet but that’s because there’s some serious negotiations going on with main cast members. If it doesn’t get renewed, I could see CSI: NY getting saved once again. Blue Bloods gets about 11 million viewers for new episodes. Despite skewing very old, that’s still great for a Friday night.*

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Mid-Season: The Crazy Ones, Hostages, NCIS: Red, Super Clyde

*As I’ve said before (and multiple times in this post), CBS has a lot of interesting pilots and not a whole lot of room. This is a generous mid-season selection for not a whole lot of room on the schedule. CBS has more single-camera pilots in the wings, so they seem to be serious about getting into that genre. Two is being conservative but I should also be picking a multi-camera show also. Hostages stars Toni Collette, who is a strong headliner for a show. It also got the best pilot reviews so far. I don’t see them passing up the opportunity for adding another NCIS show to the roster. Maybe they’ll have it ready to go if something fails. I want to predict The Anatomy of Violence also, but once again that’s way too many dramas for not enough room.*