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Fall Schedule Predictions: CW Needs Anchors

Officially Renewed: Arrow, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries
TBA: Beauty and the Beast, The Carrie Diaries, Hart of Dixie, Nikita
Already Canceled/Ended: Cult, Emily Owens M.D., Gossip Girl, 90210

*Honestly I really don’t care about the CW anymore. I attempted to watch The Carrie Diaries when it premiered, but it didn’t hold my interest enough and it was a tight schedule this winter/spring with one-hour TV dramas. If it was a less busy season then I would’ve stuck with it. CW isn’t a huge ratings powerhouse so I’m not completely convinced about any of my predictions here.

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8PM: The Carrie Diaries
9PM: Blink

*As I stated before, The Carrie Diaries wasn’t a huge ratings hit for the CW but at least it had people talking and got people interested in the CW again. It also helps that the two Monday anchors that CW has been using for years: 90210 & Gossip Girl won’t be returning. Blink sounds like the most interesting pilot that CW has and it’s one of the only ones not to have a sci-fi/horror theme. Or maybe the CW will just get lazy and move Hart of Dixie over here and use that to launch a light drama lineup.*

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8PM: Hart of Dixie
9PM: The Originals

*Hart of Dixie has been a consistent performer for the CW for two seasons. It just hasn’t gotten the best reviews or the most attention. But I also don’t see them completely going with all originals on a major night of the week. Maybe they can get something going on this night with The Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals. If it gets enough attention, then by this time next year it will be strong enough to lead-off the night and the CW will send Hart of Dixie to Fridays for a fourth season (enough for syndication). I actually think this is a good plan and if the CW does actually do this then I want credit (and compensation) for it.*

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8PM: Arrow
9PM: The 100

*Arrow has been a complete success for the CW and one if its most successful shows its produced. I don’t see that moving at all. They can also use it to launch one of their new shows and I’m guessing that The 100 will be that choice. Deadline has said that it’s one of the highest tested pilots this year for the CW and its concept will be easy to promote (100 juvenile delinquents are released to a post-apocalyptic world). It’s still early but that post-Arrow slot is vital.*

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8PM: The Vampire Diaries
9PM: Oxygen

*The Vampire Diaries is the most successful show for the CW in terms of press and fan buzz. That won’t be moving any time soon. The time slot after the show has been a big trouble spot. It’s tried numerous shows with different themes and nothing has worked. Beauty and the Beast has done modestly well but I don’t see them sticking with it on Thursdays. Oxygen is a high school theme sci-fi show that seems to have been talked about more than any other CW pilots. I could also see them being lazy and just using The Originals in the post-TVD timeslot and creating a strong block of programming.*

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8PM: Supernatural
9PM: Beauty and the Beast

*This is a crap shoot. Supernatural was moved to Wednesdays this year and was one of the network’s early renewals. Are they really going to send it back to Fridays? It’s still successful but not a big enough hit for one of the other weekday blocks. They’ll probably just send it to Fridays along with modest hit Beauty and the Beast and see how they fair. One of the shows can always be moved back to an earlier day if one of the new shows bomb and leave a hole.*

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Mid-Season: America’s Next Top Model, Oh Sit!, Whose Line Is It Anyway?

*I’m sure they’ll probably have a drama pilot waiting in the wings, but 4 new dramas is already a lot for the network and I don’t know if they’ll risk ordering a fifth one. I’m guessing they’ll just have some unscripted fare ready to go. America’s Next Top Model is doing a summer season this year so they won’t have another cycle ready to go for the fall. If the new guy/girl format re-energizes the franchise then they’ll definitely want another cycle for the spring. Oh Sit! is cheap to produce and they can have that ready to go. And I’ve actually heard a lot of people are excited for the return of Whose Line? in July. If it’s successful then they can produce some more episodes for the spring.*