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Fall Schedule Predictions: FOX Is Steady

Officially Renewed: American Dad, Bob’s Burgers, Bones, Family Guy, The Following, Glee, The Mindy Project, New Girl, Raising Hope, The Simpsons, The X Factor
TBA: American Idol, The Cleveland Show, Kitchen Nightmares, Touch
Already Canceled/Ended: Ben & Kate, Fringe, The Mob Doctor

*I’m actually glad that I waited a few days before doing a posting for FOX. This afternoon Glee was officially renewed for 2 more seasons. It’s definitely coming back. The Cleveland Show was reportedly canceled, but the producers are saying that FOX hasn’t ordered any more episodes but its not officially canceled. So basically don’t expect any original episodes for a short time. FOX has a solid schedule. Some critical hits mixed with some ratings hits. But their mainstay American Idol has been steadily declining and The X Factor is once again being retooled with only 2 of the judges coming back again (Simon & Demi). Plus they always change their midseason schedule. I’m taking my best shot with these FOX predictions.*

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7PM: NFL overrun/The OT/animation repeats
8PM: The Simpsons
8:30PM: Bob’s Burgers
9PM: Family Guy
9:30PM: American Dad

*Don’t expect any changes here. FOX has had a solid lineup here for the past year. The Simpsons & Family Guy are both great anchors for the hours and Bob’s Burgers & American Dad have done the best jobs at maintaining those lead-ins. FOX has another animated series waiting in the wings, Murder Police. But animation has a much longer production schedule so it’s unclear when we’ll see that show come to fruition. It could even be a fall 2014 contender. But I don’t expect this night to change at all.*

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8PM: Dads
8:30PM: Brooklyn 99
9PM: Rake

*The 8PM comedy block is my ‘no guts, no glory’ pick of the schedule. FOX has a lot of comedy pilots in development and these two seem like sure contenders. They don’t really belong on the Tuesday night block and there’s really no other place for them to go. Dads is created and produced by FOX-fave Seth MacFarlane and has already gotten a 6 episode commitment. They recently recast one of the lead actors so maybe it’s not looking like such a sure thing after all. Brooklyn 99 is a new pilot from Mike Schur and starring Andy Samberg. It would go along with the Seth MacFarlane brand and appeal towards younger males. Rake is another high profile pilot starring Greg Kinnear. I don’t really see where else that go during the week. I would think that The Following would be a lock here, but I don’t think FOX can order beyond 15 episodes (part of Kevin Bacon’s contract) so they might as well save it for midseason and air it uninterrupted.*

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8PM: Raising Hope
8:30PM: The Mindy Project
9PM: New Girl
9:30PM: Friends & Family

*I have no clue what FOX is going to do with this night. The three returning comedies have done well with the 18-49 ratings but not in overall ratings. Are they going to stick with it and just accept what they’re doing? I have no clue but they need to change something. Moving The Mindy Project up an hour and using New Girl to launch a new comedy sounds like a logical bet. Friends & Family sounds like a logical choice to go after the Zooey Deschanel show. I really liked David J. Rosen’s (the EP of the show) last show I Just Want My Pants Back so I’m rooting for this.*

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8PM: The X Factor [Winter: American Idol]

*This is a tough decision. FOX thought it had it made by doing The X Factor in the fall and American Idol in the winter but both shows have suffered as a result. Ratings are dropping each season. Are they going to continue wasting a prime night on dwindling shows? They shouldn’t but I don’t see what else they can do to remain viable. The X Factor needs to step up its game. The judges aren’t the problem. The show is poorly produced and the quality level of contestants is a joke. I recapped the previous season here on the blog but I won’t continue to do that this year.*

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8PM: The X Factor [Winter: American Idol]
9PM: Glee

*I echo what I said in Wednesday’s comments. I think FOX should just move the performance show of The X Factor here and the results on Fridays. I doubt they’ll do it and they’ll just stick with this solid lineup. Glee has done a decent job on a new night and it’ll probably stay that way for the next two seasons.*

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8PM: Bones
9PM: Kitchen Nightmares

*Bones has done a great job on Monday nights. But it’s getting older and the audience isn’t as young as it used to be. FOX has announced Bones moving to Fridays for the past few years and it’s never happened. I think it finally will with FOX having fewer and fewer options for new programming during the rest of the week. 9PM is a dead zone. Kitchen Nightmares or another one of Gordon Ramsay’s 1000 different shows could fill that slot or FOX could just reair the first season of The Following.*

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Mid-Season: Boomerang, The Following, Hell’s Kitchen, Inhuman, Murder Police

*Despite FOX not having a whole bunch of room, this seems like a lot for mid-season. Murder Police & The Following seem very certain for midseason launches. Hell’s Kitchen is always available to plug an empty hole. Inhuman has the J.J. Abrams factor and the complicated visual effects might need more time to be completed. Boomerang is the most interesting pilot to me because of the two leads (Anthony LaPaglia & Felicity Huffman), but FOX might not have room for another drama in midseason. I sould probably predict another comedy but I’m not confident in another of the other comedy pilots based on their premises.*