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Fall Schedule News: NBC Officially Announces Their Lineup

*Technically Upfront Week starts tomorrow, but NBC got a jump start on things today and sent out a press release with their fall and midseason schedule announcements. There was some surprises and some unexpected moves. Let’s take a look at their night-by-night schedule.*

8PM: The Voice
10PM: The Blacklist

*Nothing too surprising here. The Voice is obviously doing very well and wouldn’t be moved. I expected Revolution to stay put because that was also doing relatively well and NBC needs any kind of success they can get. Instead they’re using The Voice to launch the new drama The Blacklist starring James Spader, which is apparently one of the best pilots that NBC has ever had.

8PM: The Biggest Loser
9PM: The Voice
10PM: Chicago Fire
8PM: The Voice
9PM: The Family Guide
9:30PM: About a Boy
10PM: Chicago Fire

*I’m a little bit surprised that NBC moved Chicago Fire from Wednesday nights. It was doing great numbers on Wednesday and it seemed to be doing well because it had been airing consistently in that timeslot. It’ll be a true test of the show to see if people were watching it because they enjoyed it or because there was nothing else to watch. The Biggest Loser will be airing a fall edition, but new comedies The Family Guide & About a Boy will be taking over an hour that night in the midseason.*

8PM: Revolution
9PM: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
10PM: Ironside

*This night was very surprising for me. I didn’t expect Revolution to move from Monday nights, let alone getting moved to Wednesdays at 8PM. It’ll be interesting to see if the show actually has a following or was only benefitting from having The Voice as a lead-in. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has been decreasing every year, but it can still provide a decent lead-in for a show at 10PM. That show is the remake of Ironside starring Blair Underwood. I’m not excited at all about that show but maybe I’ll be proven wrong. If it does fail, NBC has a few shows waiting to fill its spot.*

8PM: Parks and Recreation
8:30PM: Welcome to the Family
9PM: Sean Saves the World
9:30PM: The Michael J. Fox Show
10PM: Parenthood

*NBC had to rethink this night because its main staple The Office is no longer there to anchor it. They basically reconfigured the night with Parks and Recreation leading off. Parks and Recreation isn’t a big ratings performer but its decent enough and NBC probably doesn’t want to waste something new against the juggernaut The Big Bang Theory on CBS. I really expected The Michael J. Fox to lead-off the 9PM hour, but NBC must have a lot of faith in Sean Saves the World. It’s the only multi-camera show currently on the schedule and its jammed between single-camera ones. Parenthood also surprised. It does well in the 18-49 demo, but so does Elementary & Scandal on CBS & ABC. I think NBC is hoping to take away some of the viewers from the other networks.*

8PM: Dateline
9PM: Grimm
10PM: Dracula [Midseason: Crossbones]

*Dateline & Grimm were both expected to stay put on Fridays. The 10PM slot was a bit of a wildcard. NBC is trying their hand at limited/event series by having Dracula with Jonathan Rhys Meyers on in the fall and Crossbones with John Malkovich at midseason. Both have 10 episode orders and they probably won’t get beyond that. It’ll be interesting to see if this experiment works.*

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7PM: Football Night in America
8PM: Sunday Night Football
7PM: Dateline
8PM: American Dream Builders
9PM: Believe
10PM: Crisis

*Obviously no surprise in the fall. The NFL is basically keeping NBC open and running with the ad revenue it brings in to the network. The midseason is more interesting. The Celebrity Apprentice has been there the past couple years. NBC has announced scripted fair there before and never followed through with it. With the renewal of The Celebrity Apprentice still hanging in the balance, NBC might not renew it and try to become a contender with scripted programs again. Believe & Crisis are two of the most interesting pilots of the season for me. Maybe NBC will go all out and promote the hell out of them. Or maybe they just want to build some press about the shows early and will give them prime spots during the week when some of their other shows fail.*

Other Midseason Shows: Chicago P.D., Community, Food Fighters, The Million Second Quiz, The Night Shift, The Sing-Off, Undateable
*These shows have been officially ordered by NBC, but don’t have a place on the schedule. Community was given a 13-episode order and will debut sometime next year. The Sing-Off is back to a holiday event schedule and will have a limited run in December.

Shows on the Bubble: Betty White’s Off Their Rockers, The Celebrity Apprentice, Fashion Star, Hannibal
*NBC is expected to make a decision on these shows in the next couple of weeks.*