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Fall Schedule News: FOX Announces Their Fall, Late Fall, Midseason Schedule

*FOX announced their fall schedule this morning at 8 A.M. (Much earlier than I anticipated.) They’re doing something interesting this year by basically announcing three different schedules: the typical Fall, the Late Fall (which they describe as after the MLB playoffs) and midseason (January). Let’s see what FOX did…*

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7PM: NFL overrun/The OT
8PM: The Simpsons
8:30PM: Bob’s Burgers
9PM: Family Guy
9:30PM: American Dad

*Absolutely no surprise here. The FOX animated comedies do very well and bring in a younger audience compared to the other networks. FOX might tinker with this in the next few years, but why change a good thing? FOX also has the animated show Murder Police waiting in the wings. We’ll see if FOX will eventually filter it in by giving Bob’s Burgers or American Dad a break in the midseason. But right now it doesn’t have a home on the schedule.*

8PM: Bones
9PM: Sleepy Hollow
8PM: Almost Human [Late Fall]
9PM: The Following [January]

*This is one of the confusing aspects of the schedule announced by FOX. Bones will premiere here in September and continue until November/the end of the MLB playoffs. It will then be moved to Friday nights to make room for the J.J. Abrams produced Almost Human. Then in January Almost Human will continue in that spot and The Following will take over the 9PM slot. Sleepy Hollow is only expected to have a 13-episode order. But that might change if FOX thinks it’s a hit. I expect this night to change multiple times over the season.*

8PM: Dads
8:30PM: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
9PM: New Girl
9:30PM: The Mindy Project

*This is one of the few nights that FOX hasn’t announced a change for at late fall/midseason. New Girl & The Mindy Project stay put. I was a little surprised by The Mindy Project since it doesn’t do great, but FOX executives must have a lot of faith in it. I did correctly predict Dads & Brooklyn Nine-Nine being paired together, just on a different night. It’ll be interesting to see if those shows pull the audience that FOX wants them to or if they’ll fail immediately. It doesn’t seem like there will be an in-between with them. FOX also has 3 other comedies waiting to take their spots if it doesn’t work out.*

8PM: The X Factor
8PM: American Idol

*This was expected. The X Factor doesn’t do that well but FOX is still making a lot of money off of it from advertising. I think this might be the final season for it, but who knows.*

8PM: The X Factor
9PM: Glee
8PM: American Idol
9PM: Rake

*Once again, another expected move from FOX. The X Factor & Glee are staying put. At midseason, American Idol & the new drama Rake will take their places. According to early reports from journalists, FOX has announced that Glee‘s season will be split in half. It will take a long hiatus after December and return once Rake has ended its run in the spring. American Idol isn’t a reliable lead-in anymore so it’ll be interesting to see how Rake performs with that in mind.*

8PM: Junior Masterchef
9PM: Sleepy Hollow encores
Late Fall:
8PM: Bones
9PM: Raising Hope
9:30PM: Enlisted

*FOX hasn’t had a success on Friday nights in years. They are basically just doing a reality show and some encores in the fall to keep it viable until after the baseball playoffs. After that wraps up, Bones will take over the night followed by returning comedy Raising Hope & new comedy Enlisted. Based on ratings, Raising Hope should have been cancelled. But it’s so close to syndication that FOX just probably renewed it for that reason and will keep it on Fridays to finish out its run. Placing a new comedy there is interesting. But Enlisted could be easily moved to Tuesdays if one of the new shows don’t work out.*

Midseason: Gang Related, Murder Police, Surviving Jack, Us & Them, Wayward Pines (Miniseries) and 24: Live Another Day (Summer 2014)

*I always find it interesting when FOX announces multiple schedules for the year, then still has a strong list of shows that they are considering for another midseason. Basically these shows will be used to fill in holes where needed, whether it be a break in the programming or replacing an unsuccessful one. I’m more interesting in broadcast networks getting back into the Miniseries game. FOX has announced one produced by M. Night Shymalan. And 24 will be making a return to television next summer with a 12-episode limited event. I have to be honest, I’m excited for the return of Jack Bauer. It’s been a while.*