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Fall Schedule News: CBS Announces Lineup for Fall

*CBS is the fourth network this week to announce their fall lineup. There wasn’t a whole lot of change to their schedule, but they really don’t need it since they are still the #1 network and regularly win their timeslots. Let’s take a look at their new lineup for the fall.*

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7PM: 60 Minutes
8PM: The Amazing Race
9PM: The Good Wife
10PM: The Mentalist

*CBS didn’t make any changes here. One of the difficult parts about this night for CBS is the regular occurence in the fall of NFL overrun. NFL games never end when they are scheduled, so the entire lineup gets delayed by 30 minutes or longer most of the time. You can’t really launch a new show and expect it to work when it doesn’t start on time. Some have complained that CBS should start programming at 8PM. But they seem happy with the fact that their Sunday ratings get a little extra boost and that people have to pay attention to the lineup so they don’t miss their show.*

8PM: How I Met Your Mother
8:30PM: We Are Men
9PM: 2 Broke Girls
9:30PM: Mom
10PM: Hostages [Midseason: Intelligence]

*A little bit of a change for Monday night. HIMYM & 2 Broke Girls still lead-off the hours. CBS is going to use them to launch two new shows. The single-camera We Are Men and the Chuck Lorre multi-camera Mom. I was actually surprised by this. First of all, CBS split up the two single-camera comedies by airing them on different nights. It’ll be interesting to see if that works since the tone and style will be so different from the other shows airing on the same night. And I thought Mom would’ve gotten the 8:30PM slot on Thursdays. It’s one of the most high profile pilots starring movie star Anna Faris. The 10PM slot is now going to be split between Hostages & Intelligence. CBS has announced that Hostages will only get 15 episodes and they plan for it to be over by January, which is when Intelligence will take over. It’ll be interesting to see if this scheduling plan works, but I also think they’ll ditch it if Hostages ends up being a massive hit and they want more episodes to finish out the year.*

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9PM: NCIS: Los Angeles
10PM: Person of Interest

*The NCIS combination is unbeatable, so it’s no surprise to see that remain the same for another year. Person of Interest was moved to the dreaded Tuesday @ 10PM spot. CBS hasn’t had anything work in that timeslot for a while. It had been doing great on Thursdays, but CBS wanted to expand the comedy lineup and they didn’t want to move Elementary after their big investment of it in the post-Super Bowl timeslot. CBS hopes that Person of Interest will end that streak and they can have an unbeatable three hour lineup now.*

8PM: Survivor
9PM: Criminal Minds

*This was another night where CBS didn’t make any changes. I was actually very surprised. It’s a solid lineup but it’s become a little bit stale and could be freshened up a little bit. I didn’t expect Criminal Minds to keep that prime slot. It does well, but it’s entering its 9th season and could be over in the next couple of years. CSI is even older than that and faces the same fate. What is CBS’s plan going to be when those shows go off the air? I really thought they would move a younger show here or try to launch a new show in the 9PM hour. But you can’t really blame them if they continue to win every hour on this night.*

8PM: The Big Bang Theory
8:30PM: The Millers
9PM: The Crazy Ones
9:30PM: Two and a Half Men
10PM: Elementary

*The biggest news of the announcement is CBS expanding its Thursday night comedy block. It’s not a big surprise, but it’s also a move that CBS has been threatening for a while and now they are following through with it. The juggernaut The Big Bang Theory leads off the night into The Millers, a new multi-camera starring Will Arnett. Then the 9PM hour is going to start off with single-camera The Crazy Ones, starring Robin Williams & Sarah Michelle Gellar. As I stated earlier, I’m surprised that the two single-camera shows were split on two different nights. But CBS must really believe in that show because of Robin Williams. We’ll see if their experiment works. If it doesn’t work, then they can easily move up Two and a Half Men to the start of the hour and bring back Mike & Molly from the bench.*

8PM: Undercover Boss
9PM: Hawaii Five-0
10PM: Blue Bloods

*Blue Bloods is the highest rated show on Fridays (but not 1st in 18-49 demo), so it’s no surprise it’s back with solid performer Undercover Boss. CBS moved Hawaii Five-0 here from Monday nights. That was a little bit of a surprise, but the show does skew a little bit older so it makes sense. CBS also has a good syndication deal for Hawaii Five-0. They can get a few more seasons out of the show on Fridays and make some more money for themselves.*

Midseason: Friends with Better Lives, Mike & Molly and Reckless

*CBS doesn’t order a lot of midseason shows since it has such a reliable schedule and doesn’t have a lot of room for replacement shows. They have one new comedy and one new drama ready to go in case one of their other new programs doesn’t work out. I was a little surprised to not see Mike & Molly with a home on the schedule. It’s a solid performer and it’s so close to syndication status. CBS has already reported that despite not being scheduled to premiere in September, it still has a 22-episode order and will air all of them next year. We’ll see what happens with that.*