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Fall Schedule News: The CW Changes Things Up with Lineup

*The final broadcast network announced their fall schedule this morning. The CW released their schedule and they changed up a lot of things. There’s only 2 shows that keep their timeslot from where they ended in the spring. Will their new schedule make them a contender with the other 4 main networks? The CW hopes so. Let’s see what they announced…*

8PM: Hart of Dixie
9PM: Beauty and the Beast

*Both of these returning shows are being featured on a new night. Hart of Dixie did very well (by CW standards) on Tuesday nights. It has a loyal audience that they hope will carry over to Monday night. Beauty and the Beast did decently behind The Vampire Diaries on Thursday, but CW wants to use that spot to feature a more prominent show. It’s interesting that the CW feels confident enough in Beauty and the Beast that they think it has a loyal following that doesn’t depend on The Vampire Diaries to survive. We’ll see if that’s truth or fiction.

8PM: The Originals
9PM: Supernatural

*Obviously the CW is depending on the loyal fans of The Vampire Diaries to make the spin-off a big success on Tuesday nights. They have it leading off the night, which is a big vote of confidence. I’m surprised to see Supernatural here. The show is in its 9th season and has to be looking at wrapping up soon. But the CW still keeps it on a competitive night. The ratings are good but depending on an aging show to compete in a tough timeslot is not good for the future. But who knows, maybe Supernatural could end up running 12 seasons. It’s looking that way right now.*

8PM: Arrow
9PM: The Tomorrow People

*Arrow has been a huge success, both in the ratings and by the critics, for the CW. I don’t see that moving from that timeslot anytime soon. The CW is pairing that with the new sci-fi drama The Tomorrow People. It stars Robbie Amell, who is the brother of the star of Arrow, Stephen Amell. Maybe the CW is hoping that viewers will also find him just as appealing as his brother, leading to the same ratings for both shows. The premise for the show sounds a little confusing, but it has Greg Berlanti behind it and I’m always interested in what he produces.*

8PM: The Vampire Diaries
9PM: Reign

*The Vampire Diaries has kept the CW from being off the radar completely, so that was staying put. I’m a little surprised that they are using the network’s best show to launch Reign. It’s a historical drama about a teenage Mary Queen of Scots. It sounds interesting, but is it compatible with The Vampire Diaries? You have to give the CW credit for trying something different. They’ve tried other supernatural/sci-fi related shows and they haven’t worked. Maybe something completely different will do the trick.*

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8PM: The Carrie Diaries
9PM: America’s Next Top Model

*The CW is billing this as a Night of Fashion. Obviously they think there’s a lot of crossover between the two shows. The Carrie Diaries did modestly well, but I don’t think they expect it to grow anymore if they placed it on Friday nights. The network also stated earlier that it was definitely getting a 13-episode midseason order. But now its on Fridays in the falls. Maybe they had a change of heart and there’s a chance it will get the full 22. ANTM has been fading fast. This cycle was supposed to air in the summer but now they’re holding it for the fall. It’s the first ever cycle to feature both men and women. Maybe that will renew the franchise.*

Midseason: Famous in 12, Nikita, The 100 and Star-Crossed

*The CW actually has a lot lined up for midseason replacements. Nikita will be back for 6 episodes to wrap up the series. Famous in 12 is a reality show about a family trying to become famous in 12 weeks. It sounds awful and has Harvey Levin as a producer. The 100 is a high concept drama about 100 juvenile prisoners sent to inhabit earth again. (What? I know…) And Star-Crossed sounds like every teen drama mixed together with a sci-fi element. It starts Aimee Teegarden so I have a mild interest.*