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Emmy Winner Predictions 2013: Best Music categories

The Emmys are only a few weeks away…so it’s best to start predicting. I’m going to take a look at each category and predict who I think will be taking home the lovely Emmy statue on Sept. 15 (Creative Arts) or Sept. 22 (Primetime telecast).

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Best Music Composition – Series (Original Dramatic Score):
Arrested Development – “Flight of the Phoenix”
The Borgias – “The Prince”
Downton Abbey – “Episode 6”
House of Cards – “Chapter 1”
Last Resort – “Captain”
Mr. Selfridge – “Episode 1”

*Even though comedies get nominated here often, they usually never win. Count out Arrested Development. I think that Last Resort and Mr. Selfridge should be happy with their nominations too. Don’t expect them to win. Jeff Beal is a multiple Emmy nominee and House of Cards did very well in the nomination totals. But I think he stands a better chance in the main title theme category. It should come down to a race between The Borgias and Downton Abbey. They were both nominated last year and Downton Abbey came out on top. I think it will happen again too.*

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Best Music Composition – TV Movie, Miniseries or Special (Original Dramatic Score):
The Girl
Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God

Parade’s End – “Part 5”
Restless – “Part 2”
Ring of Fire
World Without End
– “Medieval Life and Death”

*This is a tough category because none of the usual suspects are nominated. I would’ve thought Behind the Candelabra would’ve gotten another easy win here but it wasn’t even nominated. I think it will come down to a 4 way race between the HBO programs and World Without End. Even though World Without End didn’t get many nominations (and was pretty much panned by critics across the board), it does have Mychael Danna doing the music. He’s a well known film composer and he won the Oscar this year for Life of Pi. I think it’s very much possible that he could win an Emmy in the same year.*

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Best Music Direction:
Christmas in Washington
The Kennedy Center Honors
The Oscars
Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel (Live From Lincoln Center)
The 66th Annual Tony Awards

*I really enjoyed the Lincoln Center’s production of Carousel that aired on PBS this year, so I might be overestimating it a little bit. But it’s multiple nominations across the categories shows that Emmy voters also liked it. This category usually goes to one-off specials with a lot of musical variations. The other programs here are usually nominated and they don’t win unless it’s an above-average ceremony. That helps out Carousel even more. It should easily win this category.*

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Best Music and Lyrics:
The Neighbors – “Sing Like a Larry Bird” – Song: “More or Less the Kind of Thing You May or May Not Possibly See on Broadway”
Smash – “The Bells and Whistles” – Song: “I Hear Your Voice in a Dream”
Smash – “The Parents” – Song: “Hang the Moon”
30 Rock – “Hogcock!/Last Lunch” – Song: “Rural Juror”
The 66th Annual Tony Awards – Song: “If I Had Time”

*This category isn’t afraid to award comedic songs. Frankly, it usually goes for comedic songs in the nominations. I think 30 Rock has a very good chance at winning because the song was featured in the closing moments of the final episode of the series. And The Neighbors has the pedigree of Alan Menken as the composer behind it. He could complete the EGOT if he wins. The Tony Awards have won this award previously in the past (including last year). But the nominated song wasn’t as good as the others and probably won’t get a majority of the votes. The first Smash song “I Hear Your Voice in a Dream” isn’t very good ans was composed by the person responsible for the Hit List musical storyline that no one liked. Then there’s the other Smash song which was the highlight of the season. It’s performed by Bernadette Peters and was one of the best musical sequences the show ever did. I think it’ll win this category but not by a landslide. It’s still a very competitive race.*