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Emmy Winner Predictions 2013: Best Reality-Competition Program & Best Choreography

The Emmys are less than a week away! This week I’m going to be taking a look at all of the major categories being handed out on Sunday night. Now that the Creative Arts Emmys were held on Sunday, it should be slightly easier to predict who will win. Let’s take a look….

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Best Reality-Competition Program:
The Amazing Race
Dancing with the Stars
Project Runway
So You Think You Can Dance
Top Chef
The Voice

*This category is the same lineup from last year. Has anything changed since then? Slightly. Dancing with the Stars had an off-year and I didn’t even expect it to get nominated. The all-star season didn’t make a big mark and the second season was dipped down to new lows in the ratings. It doesn’t have what it takes to win this year. I also want to count out So You Think You Can Dance and Top Chef. SYTYCD had another good year but I don’t think enough people watch it to garner support for a win. And even though Top Chef is the only other show to win in this category, its season had some mixed reactions and won’t be enough to topple TAR for another win. Project Runway also had a mixed second season with its new teams format. But the Reality Host win for Gunn & Klum means that the show still has some support. Maybe voters just checked the show’s name along with the hosts’. It wouldn’t be a complete surprise. The Voice is the biggest threat to TAR winning yet again. The show really took off this year. The ratings were higher and I heard more people talking about it than last year. Switching up two of the judges in the second half of the year renewed interest in it. And it did pick up two technical awards at last night’s creative arts ceremony. With all that being said…I think The Amazing Race will take home the award. It had two of its strongest seasons this year. And if it can win with a weaker season in a stronger year, it will have no problem winning in a weak year with a strong season. Its submitted episode was also one of the best of the season. It wouldn’t completely surprise me if The Voice sneaked out a win, but its still TAR’s trophy to lose.*

Winner Prediction: The Amazing Race

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Best Choreography:
Dancing with the Stars – “Heart Cry”/”Stars” – Allison Holker & Derek Hough
Dancing with the Stars – “Hey Pachuco!”/”Para Los Rumberos”/”Walking on Air” – Derek Hough
Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel (Live From Lincoln Center) – Warren Carlyle
So You Think You Can Dance – “Beautiful People”/”Call of the Wild”/”Love Cats” – Napoleon Dumo & Tabitha Dumo
So You Think You Can Dance – “The Power of Love”/”Wild Horses” – Mandy Moore
So You Think You Can Dance – “Possibly Maybe”/”Sail”/”Turning Page” – Sonya Tayeh
So You Think You Can Dance – “Unchained Melody”/”Where the Light Gets In”/”Without You” – Travis Wall

*So You Think You Can Dance had a hold on this category from 2007-2011. Winning every year. Last year it was broken by Joshua Bergasse for Smash (who missed out this year). Will they pick up their streak again? Possibly Maybe. Dancing with the Stars has been consistently nominated every year and lost. This year Derek Hough stands a very good chance of winning. I don’t think his nominated pieces with Allison Holker (who is a previous contestant on SYTYCD) are going to do the trick, but his solo work with his celebrity partners could. “Hey Pachuco!” was a particularly impressive piece of choreography that he did with all-star Shawn Johnson. It’s one of the best pieces the show has ever done. It could finally do the trick for DWTS. Carousel stands a very good chance also. It stands out as the only nominated work not featured on a reality dance competition. The biggest piece of choreography is a beautiful ballet sequence that is prominently featured in the show’s second act. And even though SYTYCD has four nominated choreographers’, that hasn’t stopped the show before from winning this category. Mandy Moore’s pieces are probably the weakest of the bunch. But she’s a respected choreographer that hasn’t won this before. She could win based on name. NappyTabs’ works aren’t great either, but they are gaining prominence and could benefit from the work they did on the show this summer. Travis Wall had better pieces nominated before. I think Sonya Tayeh has the best work nominated. “Sail” was one of the best routines of the season and it’s one I’ve gone back to watch on YouTube multiple. She also submitted some of her softer contemporary pieces (compared to her weird, crazy jazz routines). I think she’s going to walk away with the Emmy this year.*

Winner Prediction: So You Think You Can Dance – “Possibly Maybe”/”Sail”/”Turning Page” – Sonya Tayeh

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