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Emmy Winner Predictions 2013: Best TV Movie/Miniseries

The Emmys are less than a week away! This week I’m going to be taking a look at all of the major categories being handed out on Sunday night. Now that the Creative Arts Emmys were held on Sunday, it should be slightly easier to predict who will win. Let’s take a look….

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Best TV Movie/Miniseries:
American Horror Story: Asylum
Behind the Candelabra
The Bible
Phil Spector
Political Animals
Top of the Lake

*Do I really need to take a closer look at this category? At the Creative Arts ceremony on Sunday, Behind the Candelabra went 8 for 9 in the categories where it was nominated (only losing Cinematography to Top of the Lake). Obviously the Emmy voters loved that movie. It was a frontrunner before that happened and now it’s just been cemented as the obvious winner. Even though American Horror Story lead the nomination totals of all programs, it doesn’t stand a chance against the juggernaut of the Liberace biopic.*

Winner Prediction: Behind the Candelabra

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Best Writing – TV Movie/Miniseries:
Behind the Candelabra – Richard LaGravenese
The Hour – Abi Morgan
Parade’s End – Tom Stoppard
Phil Spector – David Mamet
Top of the Lake – Jane Campion & Gerard Lee

*We can count out The Hour as a possible winner. This was the only place where it was nominated (which is unfortunate) but at least it got an Emmy nomination somewhere. This should be another victory for Behind the Candelabra…but I wouldn’t completely rule out the other three nominees. Tom Stoppard and David Mamet are both respected writers in the industry. Phil Spector got quite a few nominations and awarding Mamet’s writing would be its best chance at a win. The same can be sad for Top of the Lake. Jane Campion is probably better known for her direction, but I wouldn’t bet against people voting on her based on name. I think Candelabra will win another one but it’s not a clear frontrunner status.*

Winner Prediction: Behind the Candelabra – Richard LaGravenese

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Best Directing – TV Movie/Miniseries:
Behind the Candelabra – Steven Soderbergh
The Girl – Julian Jarrold
Phil Spector – David Mamet
Ring of Fire – Allison Anders
Top of the Lake – “Episode Five” – Jane Campion & Garth Davis

*Programs that don’t receive nominations in the main category never win this category. So I would be completely shocked if The Girl or Ring of Fire managed to win. I don’t think Phil Spector will manage to beat out the other two shows either. It’s best bet is still in the writing category. It’s going to come down to a race between Soderbergh and Campion/Davis. I could actually see Campion pulling a little bit of an upset and stop Candelabra from sweeping the categories. She’s a well respected director and Top of the Lake was well received by most people. But I ultimately think the Emmy voters will continue the trend and award Soderbergh with another Emmy (he also won in the Editing category). Watch out for a Campion/Davis upset though.*

Winner Prediction: Behind the Candelabra – Steven Soderbergh

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