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Best Songs of 2013 (10-1)

It’s that wonderful time of year where we can look back and reflect on the year that was. I’m still working on both of my television lists, and there’s a little bit of a reprieve with the critics awards over the next couple of days, so I thought it would be fun to share my Top 60 songs of this past year. As you can probably tell by the list, the song choices are pretty much pop songs that were hits. But that’s the type of music I like and am drawn to, so why not be true to myself? Here are the first set of 10 songs. I’m not a huge music aficionado, so I don’t have a whole lot to say about the songs. I just included my favorite lyrics from the songs to go with pictures of the single cover and a screencap of the music video. Enjoy!

 photo songs10_zps11b995db.jpg

10. Bruno Mars – “Gorilla”

“If the neighbors call the cops,
Call the sheriff, call the SWAT ‒ we don’t stop,
We keep rocking while they’re knocking on our door
And you’re screaming, “Give it to me baby,
Give it to me motherfucker!””

 photo songs9_zps4d7df17c.jpg

9. Florence + the Machine – “Over the Love”

“On this champagne, drunken hope,
Against the current, all alone,
Everybody, see, I love him.

‘Cause it’s a feeling that you get,
When the afternoon is set,
On a bridge into the city.

And I don’t wanna see what I’ve seen,
To undo what has been done.
Turn off all the lights,
Let the morning come.”

 photo songs8_zpsfa17d3a9.jpg

8. Panic! at the Disco featuring Lolo – “Miss Jackson”

“You put a sour little flavor in my mouth now
You move in circles hoping no one’s gonna find out
But we’re so lucky,
Kiss the ring and let ’em bow down
Looking for the time of your life (ain’t always gonna find out)

A pretty picture but the scenery is so loud,
A face like heaven catching lighting in your nightgown,
But back away from the water, babe, you might drown-
The party isn’t over tonight (lighting in your nightgown)”

 photo songs7_zps638b432b.jpg

7. Lorde – “Royals”

“But every song’s like gold teeth, grey goose, trippin’ in the bathroom
Blood stains, ball gowns, trashin’ the hotel room,
We don’t care, we’re driving Cadillacs in our dreams.
But everybody’s like Cristal, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece.
Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash.
We don’t care, we aren’t caught up in your love affair.”

 photo songs6_zpsc446f225.jpg

6. Justin Timberlake – “Mirrors”

“‘Cause I don’t wanna lose you now
I’m lookin’ right at the other half of me
The vacancy that sat in my heart
Is a space and now you’re home
Show me how to fight for now
And I’ll tell you, baby, it was easy
Comin’ back here to you once I figured it out
You were right here all along”

 photo songs5_zps5bfe8d2e.jpg

5. Drake featuring Majid Jordan – “Hold On, We’re Going Home”

“Cause you’re a good girl and you know it
You act so different around me
Cause you’re a good girl and you know it
I know exactly who you could be
Just hold on we’re going home
Just hold on we’re going home
It’s hard to do these things alone
Just hold on we’re going home (home)”

 photo songs4_zps7450d14b.jpg

4. Daft Punk featuring Pharrell – “Get Lucky”

“We’ve come too far to give up who we are
So let’s raise the bar and our cups to the stars

She’s up all night ’til the sun
I’m up all night to get some
She’s up all night for good fun
I’m up all night to get lucky”

 photo songs3_zps557e954e.jpg

3. Katy Perry – “Roar”

“I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire
‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar
Louder, louder than a lion
‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
You’re gonna hear me roar”

 photo songs2_zpse87b7849.jpg

2. Calvin Harris featuring Florence Welch – “Sweet Nothing”

“So I put my faith in something unknown
I’m living on such sweet nothing
But I’m tired of hope with nothing to hold
I’m living on such sweet nothing

And it’s hard to learn
And it’s hard to love
When you’re giving me such sweet nothing
Sweet nothing, sweet nothing
You’re giving me such sweet nothing”

 photo songs1_zps8e32b9b2.jpg

1. Miley Cyrus – “We Can’t Stop”

“To my home girls here with the big butt
Shaking it like we at a strip club
Remember only God can judge ya
Forget the haters ’cause somebody loves ya
And everyone in line in the bathroom
Trying to get a line in the bathroom
We all so turned up here
Getting turned up, yeah, yeah”

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