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Best of 2013: Top 100 Episodes of 2013 (50-41)
I’m counting down my Top 100 episodes of the year. It wasn’t that hard to narrow down the choices but it was difficult to put them in a sensible order. There was a lot of quality television and that made the list even more of a challenge to complete. I listed basic information about the episode along with the best scene from each one.

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50. Archer – “Live and Let Dine”
Original Airdate: February 28
Written By: Adam Reed
Best Scene: Anything with Mallory, Cheryl & Pam at the restaurant.

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49. Modern Family – “My Hero”
Original Airdate: May 8
Written By: Abraham Higginbotham
Directed By: Gail Mancuso
Best Scene: Claire works the counter.

 photo top8_zps0c142545.jpg

48. Bob’s Burgers – “Broadcast Wagstaff School News”
Original Airdate: January 27
Written By: Greg Thompson
Directed By: Jennifer Coyle
Best Scene: Gene’s attempts at being Bob and the Mad Pooper is revealed.

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47. Masters of Sex – “Manhigh”
Original Airdate: December 15
Written By: Michelle Ashford
Directed By: Michael Dinner
Best Scene: Margaret confronts her husband and Bill presents his study to the hospital.

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46. Girls – “Together”
Original Airdate: March 17
Written By: Judd Apatow & Lena Dunham
Directed By: Lena Dunham
Best Scene: Adam rescues Hannah.

45. Saturday Night Live – “Justin Timberlake”
Original Airdate: March 9
Written By: SNL writing staff
Directed By: Don Roy King
Best Scene: The 5-Timers Club and “It’s a Date”.

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44. The Good Wife – “Red Team, Blue Team”
Original Airdate: February 17
Written By: Michelle King & Robert King
Directed By: Jim McKay
Best Scene: Alicia’s opening statement.

 photo top17_zpscc7274de.jpg

43. Scandal – “Any Questions?”
Original Airdate: May 9
Written By: Matt Byrne
Directed By: Mark Tinker
Best Scene: Fitz and Mellie have a conversation before the press conference.

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42. Game of Thrones – “Second Sons”
Original Airdate: May 19
Written By: David Benioff & D.B. Weiss
Directed By: Michelle MacLaren
Best Scene: Will Tyrion and Sansa consummate the marriage?

 photo top7_zps34536f0b.jpg

41. Mad Men – “For Immediate Release”
Original Airdate: May 5
Written By: Matthew Weiner
Directed By: Jennifer Getzinger
Best Scene: Peggy is told about the merger of the firms.