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Fall Schedule Predictions: CBS Is Still as Solid as Ever

Officially Renewed: The Amazing Race, The Big Bang Theory, Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds, CSI, Elementary, The Good Wife, Hawaii Five-0, Mike & Molly, The Millers, Mom, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Person of Interest, Survivor, 60 Minutes, Two and a Half Men, 2 Broke Girls, Undercover Boss
Ordered to Series: Battle Creek
TBA: Bad Teacher, The Crazy Ones, Friends with Better Lives, Hostages, Intelligence, The Mentalist
Officially Canceled/Ended: How I Met Your Mother, We Are Men

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7PM: 60 Minutes
8PM: The Amazing Race
9PM: The Good Wife

*CBS can’t put too much stock in Sunday nights anymore. Sunday NFL games always mess up the scheduling for the east coast, so CBS has trouble launching a new series on this night because it’s never going to start on time. But this lineup has proven to be a solid block for the network. The Mentalist is currently airing in the 10 P.M. timeslot, but it was one of the few shows not renewed by the network yet and that’s never a good sign. I think they’ll move aging CSI to this night and let it rest here for a year or two before pulling the plug.*

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8PM: The Big Bang Theory (After NFL Thurs.: How I Met Your Dad)
8:30PM: How I Met Your Dad (After NFL Thurs.: Mom)
9PM: Mike & Molly
9:30PM: The Millers
10PM: NCIS: Los Angeles

*This is going to be some interesting scheduling. CBS obtained the rights to NFL Thursday Night Football and will affect the first 6 (?) weeks of the Thursday night schedule. So they are going to use the first couple episodes of The Big Bang Theory to launch something new on Monday nights. How I Met Your Dad seems to be their highest prospect of their comedy pilots. It would be a perfect launching pad for that series and will hopefully provide CBS a stable Monday @ 8 P.M. anchor. After football ends, they move up HIMYD and premiere the new season of Mom behind it. Mike & Molly is a reliable bet to stay at 9 P.M. And I think they’ll move The Millers to Monday nights. It’s still relatively new and will hopefully be strong enough to take over the 9 P.M. anchor position when Mike & Molly goes off the air in a couple of years. I also think CBS is going to move NCIS: Los Angeles to the 10PM slot on Mondays. The show should be able to stand on its own away from the original series. And it’ll give CBS a couple of wins in the timeslot, which it hasn’t had for a while.*

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9PM: NCIS: New Orleans
10PM: Person of Interest

*NCIS isn’t going anywhere. The New Orleans spin-off with Scott Bakula was well-received and I think CBS is a good position to extend the brand. It’s a good opportunity to do it. I don’t think Person of Interest is going to be moving any time soon. That timeslot has been trouble for the network, but PoI has completely solved that problem. It should be safe for the next year.*

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8PM: Survivor
9PM: Criminal Minds
10PM: CSI: Cyber

*As much as I think CBS might move Survivor, ultimately they shouldn’t move it. Even against American Idol in the spring, the show is still highly rated and winning the time period in 18-49 year-olds. The network doesn’t have another drama or reality series that would be able to do the same in the timeslot. Criminal Minds is in the same boat. The show has been in the same spot since 2005, but CBS hasn’t found a reason to move it. It still does well. I think they’ll switch up the 10PM hour and place the new CSI spin-off starring Patricia Arquette there. The backdoor pilot has been getting the most attention from online sources, and it would be a compatible series to work after Criminal Minds.*

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8PM: NFL Thursday Night Football
After Football:
8PM: The Big Bang Theory
8:30PM: The Odd Couple
9PM: Two and a Half Men
9:30PM: 2 Broke Girls
10PM: Elementary

*Thursday is going to get a little more complicated for CBS. They obtained the rights from the NFL to air Thursday Night Football for 8 weeks. This is going to cause a little bit of a problem for the network launching their fall premieres, but they’ll be able to manage it. I think the time slots will pretty much stay the same. Big Bang will be used to launch a new comedy pilot, most likely The Odd Couple with Matthew Perry. Two and a Half Men is still a solid performer that can lead off the hour. 2 Broke Girls has been drastically slipping in the ratings. It couldn’t manage to hold the 9PM hour on Monday. But CBS needs it stay on a little longer to get more syndication money. They can stick it behind Two and a Half Men and squeeze a couple more seasons out of it. Elementary is also consistent. Plus CBS won’t be able to successfully launch a new series with such a weak lead-in hour.*

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8PM: Undercover Boss
9PM: Hawaii Five-0
10PM: Blue Bloods

*I don’t see this lineup changing at all. They are all solid performers for the network. Plus none of their other series have been failing enough to justify a move to the Friday night graveyard. It’s technically not a graveyard for CBS, but the network wouldn’t move any of their high potential brands to this night.*

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Midseason: Battle Creek, Cuz-Bros, Good Session, Untitled Kevin Williamson Project

*CBS doesn’t have a lot of changes when it comes midseason time. But they always have to have a couple back-ups in case their new programming doesn’t work out. Battle Creek has an official order for 13 episodes. I just don’t think it will end up on the fall schedule. CBS will wait to see what happens with their new series and decide the best course of action when it comes to launching it. The other three shows? Just a guess based on early pilot speculation.*