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Upfronts 2014: NBC Fall Schedule Announced

NBC announced their fall schedule lineup this Mother’s Day. While there wasn’t anything too surprising to report, NBC didn’t really pull out any tricks in their fall programming. Their Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are pretty solid. Thursday was a complete mess after this year and I don’t think their new lineup is going to do anything for them this fall. Let’s take a look night-by-night.

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7PM: Football Night in America
8PM: Sunday Night Football

*Obviously no surprise here. NFL pretty much owns the night. The only “surprise” is that NBC hasn’t announced what will take football’s place in January. That should be interesting because the night is empty without football.*

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8PM: The Voice
10PM: The Blacklist (Beginning NOV. 17: State of Affairs)

*The Voice wins the demo ratings every Monday and The Blacklist is complete success for NBC on Mondays. The only surprise is that the hit will be taking a midseason break, and the new Katherine Heigl drama State of Affairs will be taking over the time slot. It should be interesting to see if that show does well for the network. I think it has potential to fit in with the other new NBC dramas like Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. but it depends on audiences accepting Katherine Heigl again.*

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8PM: The Voice
9PM: Marry Me
9:30PM: About a Boy
10PM: Chicago Fire

*Obviously The Voice was staying put. About a Boy has done very well after The Voice, so I’m surprised that they didn’t leave that there. I guess they’re hoping there’s a sandwich effect for Marry Me and that will help the new series get some high numbers. Ultimately I don’t think it will work, About a Boy will slide up a half-hour and put one of its’ other numerous comedies series into the 9:30 time period. Chicago Fire does very well for the network. There wasn’t a chance that show was going to move.*

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8PM: The Mysteries of Laura
9PM: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
10PM: Chicago P.D.

*NBC has a solid lineup with L&O: SVU and Chicago P.D. That would’ve been slightly shocking if either one of those shows moved. But obviously they didn’t do that. The only change is the new drama series The Mysteries of Laura starring Debra Messing leading-off the night. Personally, I don’t think the show will last long. It doesn’t look that good and the time period isn’t great for those types of shows. I would be surprised if it got a full season. NBC has plenty of shows on the bench ready to go when that fails.*

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8PM: The Biggest Loser
9PM: Bad Judge (Starting FEB. 5: The Blacklist)
9:30PM: A to Z
10PM: Parenthood

*This was NBC’s biggest problem in their schedule…and they didn’t even fix it. The Biggest Loser is a solid performer, but its past its prime and I don’t think it’s going to start anything in terms of ratings/demo for the network. Bad Judge doesn’t look all that exciting. A to Z looks promising but its going to need support from the network going forward. And Parenthood is probably going to end up finishing up its 13-episode run before we reach 2015. So it’s weird that NBC would announce The Blacklist is moving well before then.*

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8PM: Dateline
9PM: Grimm
10PM: Constantine

*Dateline and Grimm have actually been pretty successful on Friday nights for NBC. They are stellar ratings grabbers that most networks hope for on this graveyard night. Constantine fits in with the brand NBC is building Friday nights at 10. That brand hasn’t been so successful though. I suspect it will turn out like the rest of them and end up with a 13-episode only run and Hannibal will return in the spring.*

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Drama: Allegiance, Hannibal, Odyssey
Comedy: Mission Control, Mr. Robinson, One Big Happy, Parks and Recreation, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Reality: America Ninja Warrior, The Celebrity Apprentice, Hollywood Game Night
Miniseries: A.D., Aquarius, Emerald City, Heroes: Reborn

*As you can see, NBC has a lot of programming waiting for a time slot. Their comedy lineup is really interesting. I have no clue what the network plans of doing with all of those midseason comedies. They don’t have a lot of open room on the schedule, and I doubt they’ll try and do anything with them on Sundays after football. That should be interesting. And I was a little surprised The Celebrity Apprentice didn’t make the fall schedule. The season is currently filming and could easily be ready in time.*