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Top 100 Episodes of 2014 (100-91)

I watch a lot of television (and keep track of them by grading each episode), so it actually isn’t that hard for me to do this list every year. There was a lot of great television this year and I was surprised by how many episodes on this list ended up being from comedies. I don’t have an infinite amount of time, so I’m just picking out my favorite scene from each episode as an example of why a particular episode made this list.

 photo girls_zps443694d9.jpg

100. Girls – “Incidentals”
Original Airdate: February 23
Written By: Lena Dunham & Sarah Heyward
Directed By: Richard Shepard
Best Scene: Hannah’s interview with Patti LuPone

 photo bigbang_zps063a9769.jpg

99. The Big Bang Theory – “The Proton Transmogrification”
Original Airdate: May 1
Written By: Marira Ferrari, Steve Holland, Jeremy Howe, Eric Kaplan, Steven Molaro & Jim Reynolds
Directed By: Mark Cendrowski
Best Scene: Any scene between Sheldon and Professor Proton

 photo modernfamily_zps8b040f9f.jpg

98. Modern Family – “Queer Eyes, Full Heart”
Original Airdate: November 12
Written By: Stephen Lloyd
Directed By: Jason Winer
Best Scene: The tag with Haley in the car

 photo mom_zpsb71f10fc.jpg

97. Mom – “Forged Resumes and the Recommended Dosage”
Original Airdate: November 20
Written By: Nick Bakay, Gemma Baker, Sheldon Bull, Chuck Lorre & Marco Pennette
Directed By: Ted Wass
Best Scene: Christy & Violet visit with the baby

 photo howimet_zps74614730.jpg

96. How I Met Your Mother – “How Your Mother Met Me”
Original Airdate: January 27
Written By: Carter Bays & Craig Thomas
Directed By: Pamela Fryman
Best Scene: “La Vie en Rose”

 photo houseofcards_zpsbba794e9.jpg

95. House of Cards – “Chapter 26”
Original Airdate: February 14
Written By: Beau Willimon
Directed By: James Foley
Best Scene: Claire cries on the stairway and Frank breaks the fourth wall

 photo southpark_zps0ab3d9c7.jpg

94. South Park – “Handicar”
Original Airdate: October 15
Written & Directed By: Trey Parker
Best Scene: Wacky Races!

 photo bojack_zpse54cb114.jpg

93. BoJack Horseman – “Later”
Original Airdate: August 22
Written By: Raphael Bob-Waksberg
Directed By: Martin Cendreda
Best Scene: BoJack’s audition

 photo newgirl_zps2c7c6b4a.jpg

92. New Girl – “Mars Landing”
Original Airdate: March 25
Written By: Josh Malmuth & Nina Pedrad
Directed By: Lynn Shelton
Best Scene: The break-up

 photo truedetective_zps09649034.jpg

91. True Detective – “Who Goes There”
Original Airdate: February 9
Written By: Nic Pizzolatto
Directed By: Cary Joji Fukunaga
Best Scene: The final sequence done in one-take