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Top 100 Episodes of 2014 (80-71)

I watch a lot of television (and keep track of them by grading each episode), so it actually isn’t that hard for me to do this list every year. There was a lot of great television this year and I was surprised by how many episodes on this list ended up being from comedies. I don’t have an infinite amount of time, so I’m just picking out my favorite scene from each episode as an example of why a particular episode made this list.

 photo simpsons_zpsf9145c36.jpg

80. The Simpsons – “Brick Like Me”
Original Airdate: May 4
Written By: Brian Kelley
Directed By: Matthew Nastuk
Best Scene: Homer decides to return to reality

 photo orphanblack_zps8f2d5c5f.jpg

79. Orphan Black – “Nature Under Constraint and Vexed”
Original Airdate: April 19
Written By: Graeme Manson
Directed By: John Fawcett
Best Scene: The opening sequence with Sarah on the run

 photo bobsburgers_zps64ecf09e.jpg

78. Bob’s Burgers – “Tina Tailor Soldier Spy”
Original Airdate: December 14
Written By: Holly Schlesinger
Directed By: Don MacKinnon
Best Scene: Tina unravels the mystery

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77. Archer – “Archer Vice: House Call”
Original Airdate: February 3
Written By: Adam Reed
Best Scene: The rotating wall

 photo pennydreadful_zps5ab2bb52.jpg

76. Penny Dreadful – “Closer Than Sisters”
Original Airdate: June 8
Written By: John Logan
Directed By: Coky Giedroyc
Best Scene: Vanessa’s affair with Mina’s fiance

 photo gettingon_zps194faf55.jpg

75. Getting On – “Doctor Death”
Original Airdate: December 14
Written By: Mark V. Olsen & Will Scheffer
Directed By: Howard Deutch
Best Scene: What do they do with the incriminating files?

 photo looking_zpsc00a1717.jpg

74. Looking – “Looking for a Plus-One”
Original Airdate: March 2
Written By: John Hoffman
Directed By: Jamie Babbit
Best Scene: Patrick and his mother have a heart-to-heart

 photo louie_zps35ccc777.jpg

73. Louie – “In the Woods, Parts 1 & 2”
Original Airdate: June 9
Written & Directed By: Louis C.K.
Best Scene: Louie tells Mr. Hoffman the truth

 photo fargo_zpse806f581.jpg

72. Fargo – “Buridan’s Ass”
Original Airdate: May 20
Written By: Noah Hawley
Directed By: Colun Bucksey
Best Scene: The shootout during the whiteout

 photo honorablewoman_zps63ab29cd.jpg

71. The Honorable Woman – “The Hollow Wall”
Original Airdate: September 11
Written & Directed By: Hugo Blick
Best Scene: The bomb goes off