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Top 100 Episodes of 2014 (90-81)

I watch a lot of television (and keep track of them by grading each episode), so it actually isn’t that hard for me to do this list every year. There was a lot of great television this year and I was surprised by how many episodes on this list ended up being from comedies. I don’t have an infinite amount of time, so I’m just picking out my favorite scene from each episode as an example of why a particular episode made this list.

 photo transparent_zps285603f5.jpg

90. Transparent – “Moppa”
Original Airdate: September 26
Written By: Micah Fitzerman-Blue & Noah Harpster
Directed By: Nisha Ganatra
Best Scene: The Pfefferman ladies get makeovers

 photo brooklyn99_zps98ec42ca.jpg

89. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – “Charges and Specs”
Original Airdate: March 25
Written By: Gave Liedman & Gil Ozeri
Directed By: Akiva Schaffer
Best Scene: Thrift store montage

 photo modernfamily_zps8b040f9f.jpg

88. Modern Family – “The Wedding, Parts 1 & 2”
Original Airdate: May 14 & May 21
Written By: Abraham Higginbotham, Ben Karlin & Jeffrey Richman/Megan Ganz, Christopher Lloyd & Dan O’Shannon
Directed By: Steven Levitan/Alisa Statman
Best Scene: Cam & Mitch at the dry cleaners

 photo howtoget_zpsb5c05ac2.jpg

87. How to Get Away with Murder – “Let’s Get to Scooping”
Original Airdate: October 16
Written By: Erika Green Swafford
Directed By: Laura Innes
Best Scene: Annalise removes her makeup

 photo oitnb_zpsdb792c39.jpg

86. Orange Is the New Black – “You Also Have a Pizza”
Original Airdate: June 6
Written By: Stephen Falk
Directed By: Allison Anders
Best Scene: Poussey’s confronts her girlfriend’s father

 photo bobsburgers_zps64ecf09e.jpg

85. Bob’s Burgers – “Wharf House”/”Wharf House II: The Wharfening”
Original Airdate: May 11 & May 18
Written By: Nora Smith/Lizzie Molyneux & Wendy Molyneux
Directed By: Brian Loschiavo/Jennifer Coyle
Best Scene: Everyone tries to save Bob & Mr. Fischoeder

 photo goodwife_zps301e43ad.jpg

84. The Good Wife – “Dramatics, Your Honors”
Original Airdate: March 23
Written By: Michelle King & Robert King
Directed By: Brooke Kennedy
Best Scene: RIP Will Gardner

 photo hannibal_zps5b90d175.jpg

83. Hannibal – “Tome-wan”
Original Airdate: May 16
Written By: Chris Brancato, Bryan Fuller & Scott Nimerfero
Directed By: Michael Rymer
Best Scene: Mason Verger feeds his face to the dogs

 photo veep_zpsf7c10929.jpg

82. Veep – “Alicia”
Original Airdate: April 20
Written By: Sean Gray, Armando Iannucci & Ian Martin
Directed By: Christopher Morris
Best Scene: Catherine wears the same outifit

 photo siliconvalley_zps86030815.jpg

81. Silicon Valley – “Minimum Viable Product”
Original Airdate: April 6
Written By: John Altschuler, Mike Judge & Dave Krinskey
Directed By: Mike Judge
Best Scene: Richard’s panic attack