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Sharp Objects Finale: “Milk”
This week, HBO wrapped up another prestigious limited series with their adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s “Sharp Objects”.

To briefly summarize the show: writer Camille Preaker is assigned to go back to her hometown to report on the murder of two young girls. The return trip forces Camille to confront people and things that have previously haunted her. Obviously, the show gets much deeper and complex across 8 episodes, but that’s the quick synopsis. I really want to discuss the final episode that aired on Sunday.

Leading up to the finale, the show had done a fantastic job developing the characters. They went much deeper than expected and grew beyond their initial stereotype of southern people. I also think the show should get credit for the development of the town of Wind Gap, Missouri as a character. The show spent ample time developing the culture of the town. And as certain things are revealed in the finale, you can see how one of the characters could be given such a pass to get away with heinous behavior.

The finale was devastating. Adora poisoning her two daughters was difficult to watch. It’s hard to put yourself in the position to see that happening to two characters that we’ve gotten to know over eight episode. The superb cinematography and editing put you in the hazy mindset of Camille and made it even more uncomfortable to sit through. And even the moment where Camille is on the ground, looking at the police lights on the ceiling of the home, it still wasn’t clear what her fate would be at the end.

Then the final sequence itself was fascinating to watch unfold. The show made you believe that Camille and Amma were heading towards some happy ending, then the rug was pulled out from underneath us. I even loved how the show slipped in a secret scene in the middle of the closing credits. It punctuated the plot twist and made it much more affecting.

Overall, it was another fantastic limited series for HBO that is sure to get Emmy attention next year. Amy Adams should be winning all of the awards. Patricia Clarkson is currently two-for-two at the Emmys (winning twice for guest role on “Six Feet Under”), and it not’s hard to imagine she’ll keep her winning streak going. But voters should also not ignore Eliza Scanlen, who is a newcomer that kept up very well with the other two veteran actresses.